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About Us

About  Us


What are sociomics?

Sociomics are a literary magazine created by independent authors about new progressive ideas that may change our world for the better.

Our mission

We believe that our world needs changes. We are convinced that our society today is on the verge of incredible transformations and discoveries.

Using sociomics we want to attract the readers’ attention to poignant problems that each one of us and the society as a whole are facing. We want to introduce new ideas that can make our world a better place, and our lives – happier and more interesting. We would like to do it in a beautiful and absorbing manner.

For us, sociomics are a dialogue that we use to address the reader on behalf of our characters in order to share our ideas. We would like the readers to give it some thought and express their own opinions.

We believe that sociomics are a compass that can help us understand the direction that our society should take to avoid disasters and build a new, better world.

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