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In defense of the world government. Part 1: Chairman

In defense of the world government. Part 1: Chairman

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Yulia Pozharischenskaya Yulia Pozharischenskaya

The idea of the existence of the world government has been troubling the minds of the most active and curious members of our society. And we’ve got to say – it’s not without a good reason. Conspiracy theorists tend to consider the world government and its followers the main source of evil on the planet. But what if that’s all just bad PR? What if they are trying to benefit all of humanity?

Author's message

The question is not whether there is or is not a secret world government, but whether or not our society and each one of us has enough willpower, common sense and awareness to survive the supercrisis and build a new, better world.


The Chairman is sitting at a big oak table at home. It’s after midnight. It’s dark and raining outside. There is a piece of paper and a ballpoint pen on the table in front of him. He looks out the window into the night shadows and thinks. Then he takes a pen and starts to write neatly and legibly.

“Greetings, my dear friend! I received your letter and I was pleased to read it. I like that you ask the right questions. I also like your zeal in getting to the bottom of this and making sense of it. It means that someday humanity will no longer need people like me. In the meantime, we will continue our work. You must be a bit surprised to be reading these words. Yes, we do consider it a job. A job, just like building houses, treating people and cleaning streets. Only, unlike most people, we sincerely love our work and devote our lives to it completely. Although the society pictures us in a completely different manner. For some reason, those who suspect that we do exist, always think of us as some heartless bloodthirsty villains.”


“Our activities have long since given rise to a bunch of ridiculous myths. I really hope that our acquaintance will refute at least some of those myths and make society more loyal to us and our work. However, it will surely be very difficult for the majority to understand and accept what we are doing here. In your letter you asked me some questions, and I will now try to provide more or less comprehensible answers. But be prepared: many of them won’t make you happy.

You use the words “world government” when you talk about us. To be honest, we don’t like this term. We call our organization the Development Commission. But to make you feel comfortable, I’ll refer to us in the way that’s familiar to you.

The world government didn’t just come out of nowhere. It emerged as the result of certain people realizing more than the average person. They saw the problem and realized its great importance for all humanity. Although your myths claim otherwise.”


“Many of your colleagues think that we came around in search of infinite power and money. Believe me, my friend, most of us live much more modest lives than your second-rate pop stars and football players. This myth comes from the sick imagination of those who crave money and power themselves, but do not have either. These fools have no idea what selflessness, what psychological, mental and physical effort is required by the enormous power that we have. To have power over all of humanity is truly hard work. You have to be a complete idiot to take on that responsibility. Thus, the aspiration for truly great authority is not rooted in vanity and thirst for power. It’s rooted in a person’s deep belief in something. Only convictions can make a person take that step.

Our beliefs are based on our worldviews. We sincerely believe that our work is valuable to humanity and the whole planet.”



“We see problems that need to be solved, the main one of them being people’s ignorance. This problem is the root of all others. People’s ignorance is not a vice, it’s only a result of the immaturity of the human species. Most people have not yet learned to think on a larger scale, to go beyond everyday interests. On the other hand, human activity has long been a threat – not only to humanity itself, but also to nature and the planet as a whole. It was this threat that was once detected by the people who subsequently launched our remarkable profession. And for over 200 years, we’ve been solving these problems of humanity that most people do not even realize existed. Please, save your criticism for later. Soon enough you’ll learn plenty of interesting things, and your opinion is likely to change. Just as mine did once.”



“I will not reveal all my cards in the letter. I hope you find out everything you need to know as soon as possible. You will find detailed instructions for finding us in this envelope, along with the exact date and time of our key annual event.

P.S. I’m asking you to come on time. If possible, please get an early start so the Christmas traffic doesn’t take you by surprise.

Your friend, W.”

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