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The True American. Part 7: Discussion with the president

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

The True American. Part 7: Discussion with the president

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Azer Babaev Azer Babaev

In order to find out where the conspirators decided to implement their plan, Black Bull proposes a crazy idea – sneak into the White House, find the president and ask him in person.

Author's message

Our world would become a lot better if it absorbed at least some of Native American culture and philosophy.

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg


After the meeting with the Senator, Black Bull and Peter decided to have lunch at the hotel restaurant and discuss further actions.

Black Bull: Twilight Cat, what do you think about this senator? Will your people live better if he and his team come to power?

Peter: (suspended) I don't expect anything positive from him. Like I said, liars will replace other liars. Society doesn't need a new president or new authorities. It needs a radical change in people's minds. We need a spiritual revolution. And we need a leader who will lead the people.

Black Bull: Hmm, a “spiritual revolution” is a good expression. I like that.

Peter rubbed his face with his hands.

Peter: What do we do next? Do you have any idea how to prevent a provocation?

Black Bull: Who knows all the details of the operation?

Peter: Probably the CIA director.  Maybe people from other intelligence services... and, of course, the president.

Black Bull: So we should go to the president and ask him. Let's try to dissuade him and convince him to turn in the conspirators.

Peter looked at Black Bull, perplexed.

Peter: Are you kidding?

Black Bull: No, Twilight Cat, I'm completely serious. You just need to know how to ask properly.


Peter: It seems that you know just how to do that... but don't forget that I'm wanted, and you can't get to the president that easily.

Black Bull: Don't worry. I'll deal with it.

A white van with “Fresh Fruit Delivery” written on its side stopped near a small square in downtown Washington.

Black Bull: Let's change first. (Black Bull shoved a bag of clothing in Peter’s hands). Change the shoes, too. These are shoes with a special sole — they are silent. Now I'll teach you how to use the "ghost."

Peter: The “ghost”?

Black Bull: It's a special device that makes you invisible to the human eye.

Black Bull took out two small devices that resembled large watches out of his pocket.

Black Bull: Here you go. Put on your wrist like a regular watch. It works very simply. This button turns on the invisible mode, and that one turns it off. Even a child can handle it. Look.

Black Bull put on the “ghost” and pressed the button. At first he became transparent, and then disappeared completely. Peter's jaw dropped.

Peter: Holy shit!!!!! Damn it, you really did disappear. Hey, Black Bull, where are you???

Black Bull: I'm here, right in front of you. (he pressed the button and appeared again) What do you think?

Peter: Unbelievable!


Black Bull: Now you try it. You need to get used to not seeing your body. Wear these glasses, too. You'll be able to see your body in them. They'll help you see in the dark as well.

Half an hour later, Black Bull and Peter left the van, and veiled by the night and the “ghost” walked towards the White House. They got through the mansion gates along with an incoming car, and inside the White house – through the garage. Then they stopped to catch their breath In one of the utility rooms of the White House.

Black Bull: (whispering) Hey, Twilight Cat, let's stop here. Let's rest a bit.  We need to find out where the president is right now.

Peter: He must be in bed already. What are we going to say to the first lady when we show up in his bedroom? Are we taking her with us, too?

Black Bull: Shush. Give me ten minutes.

They sat in silence for a while.

Black Bull: Okay, looks like the president is still awake. He's in his office, alone. Good thing there are no security cameras there.

Peter: How do you know?

Black Bull: I tapped the security guards' conversations. And then I went through all the surveillance camera footage.

Peter: What? But how?


Black Bull: Legacy of Nikola Tesla. (Black Bull fumbled with a small device similar to a smartphone) This device can do so much more than this. Let's go while he's still alone in the office.

President Barrymore was sitting alone in his office in a regular home robe and glasses, staring at the computer monitor. He didn't notice how two men appeared a few meters away from him .

Peter: Mr. President! (Peter took a step forward)

President Barrymore: What? I told you, don't... hey, what the hell! Who are you? I'm calling... (President reached out for the console)

In an instant Black Bull leaped over to the president's table and pointed the barrel of some strange gun at him.

Black Bull: Another word or a sharp move, and you're dead! Listen to me carefully: We are going to have a little talk now. I'm warning you, don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine. We didn't have much trouble getting in here. It won't be hard to kill you and sneak out. Do you get me?

The president swallowed. He slowly leaned on the back of his chair and turned his eyes on Peter.

President Barrymore: Oh, it's you, Mr. Saul. You bloody traitor!


Peter: It doesn't matter right now. We're here to find out all the details of the provocation being prepared in New York.

President Barrymore: I don't know what this is all about.

Peter: Stop playing the fool! We know what you're up to for Independence Day! We need complete and precise information on the details of this operation. You have five minutes to tell us everything, or my partner will turn you into a puddle of thick mucus on the floor.

That didn't make any impression on the president.

President Barrymore: Then you'll have to kill me. I won't tell you anything.

Peter: Whoa. (Peter approached the table and sat in the chair across from the president) You are so loyal to your ideas. Honestly, I'm a little surprised. I thought you were an unscrupulous bastard who was willing to kill millions of innocent people for power.

President Barrymore: You don't know me very well, Mr. Saul. You don't know your country very well, either. You've lived in America for too long. Whatever is happening in the USA and in the Old World is probably impossible to see from over there. Our children will have nothing to eat soon.


President Barrymore: We are on the verge of a total war with China and Russia. And your American friends (he nodded towards the Black Bull) are just waiting for us to rip each other's throats out, then take over the entire planet and establish their idiotic order. Peter, they think we're second-class people, underdeveloped monsters. They think we aren't good enough to live on earth, so we should just die out!

Peter: Enough of this propaganda! We're not at a rally. To be honest, they're pretty much right.

President Barrymore: I didn't expect to hear anything different from you. You're a pathetic traitor! And I'm a patriot. And I'm willing to do anything for my people and my country!

Peter: Even kill millions of your own citizens?

President Barrymore: Thomas Jefferson once said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots.”It is a sacrifice required to save our freedom and the only way to save the billions of people living in the USA, Europe and the entire Old World. Not everyone can make this sort of decision. It requires real courage and loyalty to your ideals. That's why I'm the president, and not you!


Peter: I can't believe it! What a clever excuse you've invented for your monstrous actions. Do you really believe in all this? In being chosen by God? In your courage? In that bloody tree of liberty? Or are you just a good actor?

President Barrymore: Whatever you please to believe.

Peter: Somewhere deep down, people like you do realize they're doing the wrong thing. But you come up with excuses, which you eventually really start to believe. Otherwise, it's hard for you to fall asleep at night. Having tasted power once, it's hard to stop, isn't it? It's hard to forget this sense of greatness and importance, right?

President Barrymore: You'll never understand. You're just a worthless pawn that's playing a savior. Don't try so hard for the people. They'll never appreciate it anyway.

Peter: But they will appreciate your plans to destroy New York and launch a war with America!

President Barrymore: I'm not awaiting their approval. Because they don't understand what I understand and know. They are mostly interested in clothing and car fuel prices, or yet another socialite's new Instagram post.


Peter: But you are the ones who make them so short-sighted and primitive. You don't give them any alternative!

 President Barrymore: It's all your childish fantasies, Mr. Saul! In fact, no one is preventing them from becoming interested in anything and living the way they want. Ours is a free country, after all!

Peter: Your freedom is a fiction, a beautiful wrapper.  You know perfectly well how things really happen. Society brainwashes children and adolescents when their consciousness is not yet able to resist it. You entrench a stereotypical life model in their minds and maintain it throughout their lives.

President Barrymore: (laughing) Here we go, your world conspiracy fantasies again! We don't entrench anything in anyone.

Peter: You hide the truth from people. You do all you can to prevent their worldview from changing. Because you are afraid that you will lose power, and your friends won't be able to earn a multibillion-dollar fortune on stupid people. The Americans offered to help you 30, 20 and 10 years ago. But you refused. You'd rather fill the world with blood than give people real freedom!


The president wanted to say something, but he didn't have the time. Black Bull bypassed him from behind and knocked him out with a deft blow to the back of the head.

Black Bull: Twilight Cat, we don't have much time. He won't tell us anything. We'll have to use extreme measures. I'm going to conduct the rite now. Looks like this office is completely soundproof and the guards don't bother the president when he works here. I think we have about an hour. Check if the door is closed.

Peter: A rite? Did you say a rite?

Black Bull: Yes, it sounds old-fashioned enough, but it reflects the essence perfectly.

Peter checked the door. It was locked, so no one could  come in by accident. Then he came back to Black Bull. He already got a special soft rope out of his backpack and tied the president to a chair. The president's mouth was already covered with scotch tape.

Peter: I thought we were just going to inject him with truth serum.

Black Bull: That would take too long and it's not very reliable. I have my own method.

Peter: What do I do? Do you need any help?

Black Bull: Yes. Take the sal-ammoniac out of the bag and wake the president up. Then sit down in the armchair and stay put whatever happens, okay?


Peter: What's going to happen?

Black Bull: Something unusual.

When the president woke up and started to grunt and wriggle in his chair, Black Bull took a wooden pipe out of the bag, filled it with some dried herbs from a small bag, sat on the floor across from the president and lit it.

Perplexed, Peter watched Black Bull smoke the pipe and mumble something under his nose. The president was just as surprised to see what was happening. After fifteen minutes of smoking and mumbling, Black Bull put the pipe aside and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the president started to stammer and wriggle again. The Black Bull opened his eyes, but there were no pupils. Only the white spots of his eyeballs. That's when the president suddenly calmed down and began to look at Peter with foggy eyes.  Peter froze in expectation. A couple of minutes later, the president fainted. At the same time, Black Bull closed his eyes. He began to mumble something again under his nose. When he reopened his eyes, they were already normal, but very tired, as if he's been staring at a computer monitor for a long time.

Peter: What the hell was that? (Peter sprung up from his chair and walked up to Black Bull, who was still sitting on the floor)



Black Bull: The rite that I told you about. (Black Bull took out a small bottle from the backpack and drank it up in one gulp).

Peter: You don't look too good. As if you've been unloading bags of cement all night. That's weird.

Black Bull: That's a normal reaction. That's what it should be. Give me five more minutes, and I'll come to my senses.

Peter: So what was that anyway? Tesla’s gifts again?

Black Bull: No, not really. (Black Bull sighed deeply and closed his eyes) It's called “penetration.” Roughly speaking, my consciousness temporarily leaves the body and is transferred to another body. I can control that body for a while. Besides, I can know and remember everything that the person whose body I entered knew and remembered. That's how it works, more or less.

Peter: Unbelievable. I read about something of this sort once in a magazine. I thought it was all just a hoax.  But what I saw today... (Peter shrugged his shoulders  in amazement) How did it go? Was it successful?

Black Bull: Yes, it went fine. I've learned everything I need. It's exactly as we thought it was. New York, Independence Day. (Black Bull opened his eyes and slowly got up on his feet). It's time we get out of here.



Peter: What do we do with him? Is he all right? (Peter nodded towards the president, who was still unconscious and sitting down, tied to the chair, wit his head down)

Black Bull: Not really. He'll probably be in a coma for the next month or two. And then it's the luck of the draw. He’ll either recover or stay crippled for the rest of his life.

Peter: Oh, hell! We didn't cover all the bases! What we were thinking! If they find out what we did to the president, they'll reschedule the provocation date or come up with something else. Only we won't know about it anymore!

Black Bull: Don't worry. They won't know what happened to him.  It'll look like a stroke.

Peter: Are you sure?

Black Bull: Trust me, Twilight Cat, it's not the first time I've conducted this rite.

Peter: What about the blow to the back of the head?

Black Bull: It left no trace. You can see for yourself.

Peter:  And the scotch tape marks by the mouth?


Black Bull: Yeah, they need to disappear. Gather everything, and I'll deal with the tape. And one more thing... Twilight Cat, I learned about all the people who knew about the provocation being prepared. That senator we met... he knew everything.

Peter: What? (Peter froze in a stupor)

Black Bull: Yeah, he knows all about the New York plan. Moreover, the entire opposition knows about it. They are all in collusion.

Peter: What a bastard! You can’t trust anyone in this bloody world! Why didn't he hand us over to the authorities?

Black Bull: Apparently he's playing a double game. He thinks he's the smartest and craftiest.

Peter: Who should we trust now? What do we do?

Black Bull: We'll ask the FBI for help.

Peter: FBI?

Black Bull: Yes. The FBI chief doesn't know about the provocation. That's why he should help us. I really hope he does.

To be continued...

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

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