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The Mirror. Part 1: The Experiment

This sociomics has a full version

The Mirror
The Mirror
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

The Mirror. Part 1: The Experiment

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Yulia Pozharischenskaya Yulia Pozharischenskaya

Young scientists resolve to conduct a dangerous experiment that will transform their lives.

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Vegans of the world, unite!

This sociomics has a full version

The Mirror
The Mirror
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg


Gordon: Freeman, don't be such a pain! I know I'm right! We haven't budged for a year and a half. For a year and a half, we’ve been doing the same thing every day. And we haven't gotten one bit closer to our goal. We're definitely doing something wrong. And I know what it is! (he jabs himself in the chest several times with his index finger)

Freeman: Gordon, we simply have to find the correct frequency for the laser, and that's it! We're so close already. But you want us to make a very dangerous decision. We're not allowed to increase the power of the radiation, and you know that perfectly well.

Gordon: Yeah, screw whatever we're allowed and not allowed to do! (he waves his hand in disdain) This is our project and we can do what we want with it.

Freeman: Ohhh (sighs), Gordon, you know just as well as you know the rules that it's also really dangerous to increase the power. We don't even know what exactly could happen. Gordon, we're not just making smartphones here. We're making the world's first teleportation device. This is technology straight out of science fiction!

Gordon: Exactly! We need to be bolder. Freeman, I'm sure that the reason the quantum field is collapsing isn't because of the frequency, but because there's not enough power. We just need to increase the power and everything will work out.


Freeman: Do you at least realize that if anything goes wrong, a tiny black hole will appear right here in our lab? I don't even want to think about what it could do! And all the calculations show that increasing the power won't lead us to success…

That’s when a waiter approaches and takes a questioning look at the arguing men.

Waiter: Good afternoon, gentlemen. I take it that you will be having the usual? (takes a look at Gordon) Roast lamb with vegetables for you, (takes a look at Freeman) and veal with asparagus for you?  Is that right?

Gordon: Yes, thank you, that's right.

Freeman simply nods his head.

Freeman: Gordon, let's not rush, let's check the calculations again, run some computer models…

Gordon takes out a pack of cigarettes and starts smoking.

Gordon: Do whatever you want, Freeman, but I'm increasing the power tomorrow anyhow. I can't wait any longer. It’ll take at least another month to run the models. And our model isn't perfect, it neglects a number of factors, and… anyway, Freeman, are you with me or not?

Freeman: Mmmm (begins to rub his face with the palm of his hand) I don't know, Gordon.

As Gordon finishes his cigarette, Freeman sits silently, staring into space. Gordon puts out his cigarette in the ashtray and takes a look at Freeman.


Gordon:  Well?


Freeman: Okay. Okay, let's try increasing the power. But promise me that if something goes wrong, if some kind of unexpected things start happening, you'll immediately cut off the lasers.


Gordon: Don't worry, Freeman, I haven't gone completely out of my mind. Everything will be fine. You'll see. You'll be thanking me when they give you the Nobel Prize! (cheerfully gives his friend a pat on the shoulder) Waiter, waiter! (waving his hand) Do bring us your best bottle of wine from the cellar.


The waiter nods and walks away.


Freeman: I hope you're right.


The next morning Freeman comes into the lab, where Gordon is already sitting and energetically typing something on the computer.


Freeman: Hey.


Gordon: Oh, there you are! Good morning. You know, I couldn't get to sleep last night, and eventually I came in at night. I already calibrated the lasers for the new power capacity and installed new lenses. Give me another fifteen minutes or so, and I'll reprogram the software for the new data. Did you grab the control objects?


Freeman: Yeah. (shows him the box that he is holding in his hands) You realize that each one of these costs almost twenty thousand dollars? And we used up more than a hundred of them in the last month alone.


Gordon: Yeah, but what can we do? Everything's going to work – it will more than cover all the expenses. Freeman, you and I are about to revolutionize global science! I can just feel that this day will go down in history! Okay, anyway, go prepare the control objects. And check the lasers one more time, please. I'm so excited today that I could forget something.


An hour later, everything is ready for the experiment.


Gordon: How's it going, are the items ready?


Freeman: Everything’s ready. We can begin. But Gordon, I'm asking you, monitor the radiation strength manually. If something goes wrong, knock the hell out of the power source.


Gordon: Don't worry, bro. I'll monitor everything. Let's go to the controls.


They approach the lab’s control panel. Gordon sits at the computer and begins clicking. Freeman stands next to the instrument panel to monitor the results.


Freeman: Gordon, the camera is on. Start the experiment.


Gordon: Got it. One second… okay… applying voltage to the lasers. Here we go.

On the control panel, some lights come on. The lasers come to life and begin to buzz. After a few seconds, a blue glow appears between the two pillars.

Gordon: Okay, get the control items ready. I'm starting to increase the power.

Freeman: The items are ready.

Gordon: Okay, then we're increasing the power. Okay, a bit more, and more, excellent.

The blue glow becomes more saturated and intense. Freeman's eyes are glued to the data displayed on the monitors.

Freeman: Gordon, something isn't right, the quantum field voltage is increasing too quickly.

Gordon:Just a bit more, Freeman. Look, everything is working. The field is almost stable.

Freeman: Gordon, all the readings are spiking. Turn everything the hell off!

Gordon: We almost did it. Let the control object go!

Freeman: Dammit, Gordon, turn off that freaking laser! Turn it off, I'm telling you!

Freeman runs over to Gordon, attempting to turn off the power source himself, but does not manage on time. The last thing he sees is a flash of bright light.

This sociomics has a full version

The Mirror
The Mirror
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

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