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The True American. Part 1: The ministry

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

The True American. Part 1: The ministry

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Azer Babaev Azer Babaev

Peter just graduated from a university, and he was offered a job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is about to be sent to America to participate in important negotiations as one of the leading young experts on Native American culture.

Author's message

Our world would become a lot better if it absorbed at least some of Native American culture and philosophy.

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg


Peter did not want to be late for his first interview, so he arrived at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States of Africa an hour ahead of his appointed time. He found the right office and began to wait. Soon a tall young man in a business suit came out of the office. He was in an excellent mood and was smiling. Peter didn't know that this guy would become his best friend and colleague. Several minutes later, a girl came out of the office and invited Peter in. A man was sitting in the office at a big oak desk and jotting something down in a notebook. A huge political map of the world was hanging on the wall behind him.

Peter: Good afternoon, sir, my name is Peter Saul.

Campbell:  Hello, young man. Well, why are you standing by the door? Come on in, sit down. My name is Will Campbell, and I'm Deputy Foreign Minister.

Peter dodged in his chair.

Campbell: Surprised, Mr. Saul, that the Minister's right hand is recruiting our staff? There is nothing surprising about this. Let me tell you everything. (Campbell put on his glasses, took a folder from the table, opened it, and began to examine the contents)


Campbell: So, Mr. Saul, you have excellent references from your school. You graduated with honors from your university, completed your internship... alright... not bad.

Campbell took off his glasses and glanced at Peter.

Campbell: Jackson, your former research advisor, is an old friend of mine. He recommended you personally. He said you were his best student in 20 years. That's why you're here. (He paused and looked Peter straight in the eye) So, Mr. Saul, are you ready to serve your country?

Peter: Of course, sir! It's an honor.

Campbell:   It can't be any other way, my boy.  We need the country's best people right now. The best! You probably know as well as I am, Mr. Saul, that we're screwed...

Peter: (shrugging) There have been many ups and downs in the history of the United States of Africa. I think we'll be able to find a solution.

Campbell:  This time everything is much more complicated and fundamental. The situation in the world is extremely volatile now. This has never happened in the history of mankind before. It's as if 9 billion people are living on a gunpowder barrel that can explode at any moment. Did you hear the Chinese shot down our plane yesterday over neutral waters?

Peter:  Yes, sir, I read about it this morning.


Campbell:  Relations with China are getting worse every day (Campbell sighed). Russia, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are cutting down their oil and gas production, which inflates prices even more. There are very few resources left on the planet, and the struggle for what remains of them will only intensify in the near future. I think you understand that.

Peter: Of course, sir.

Campbell:   But while people in the Old World are ready to kill each other for food and drinking water, there is still abundance and prosperity in the New World, there, beyond the ocean, in America.

Campbell turned around in his chair to face a huge map of the world, which hung on the wall behind his back and poked a finger in the vicinity of the Caribbean.

Campbell:  These arrogant and proud monkeys are pretending to be holier-than-thou. They are going to sit lazily and watch Asia, Europe and Africa destroy each other for the right to live a decent life. Only America has the resources and capabilities needed to save the world from disaster.

Campbell turned to Peter and went back to the table.

Campbell:  We have long ignored this fact and built our foreign policy circumventing them.


Campbell:  Now things are changing, Mr. Saul. America today is a key point in our foreign policy. That's why you won't go to either China, Russia, or the Central African Republic — you’ll go to America. I see that it didn't surprise you much?

Peter: Uh, no, sir, to be honest, it didn't. As you probably know, my final project researched just that - the history and worldviews of Native Americans and their state. And besides, I'm monitoring the situation in world politics. If I am not mistaken, China has been actively working for five years on developing its relations with America.

Campbell:  Yeah, you're right. But the result is almost null. That's why we are gathering a team of the best of the best to make it all happen.

Campbell closed Peter's file and threw it into the desk drawer.

Campbell:   Mr. Saul, the so-called Great Negotiations with the leaders of America are scheduled for next March. We are staking great hopes on this meeting.



Campbell:   So, you will join our delegation on the trip to America for these negotiations. And after that, you'll stay over there and work at our embassy in Manhattan. As an attaché, for starters.  But with talents like yours, I'm sure you'll move up the career ladder quickly. How do you like my offer?

Peter's cheeks reddened.

Peter: Sir, thank you for your confidence in me. Of course, I agree. Rest assured, Mr. Campbell, I will not let you down!

 Campbell:  Excellent, Mr. Saul. Welcome to the Ministry.

Campbell stood up and stretched his hand across the table.

Campbell:  Please go see my assistant. She'll tell you what to do next.

Peter: Once again, thank you very much, sir!

Peter shook Campbell's hand again and walked out of his office

Campbell sat down in his chair, turned to the world map and stared at the western hemisphere for a long time.

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

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