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Sinister old people

Sinister old people

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Pavel Mikhalcev Pavel Mikhalcev

After the age of thirty, or sometimes even before that, we stop being ourselves… and are taken over by an untreatable illness

Author's message

Don’t let them infect you!!!


Ben was running down the hospital hallway. Two people were slowly following him - a male nurse and a female doctor. Their faces were either affected by some kind of disease, or they were just very, very old.

Ben: Help! Help! Somebody!

Ben didn't notice the upside-down wheelchair abandoned in the hallway. He fell to the floor and grabbed his knee in pain. Suddenly a guy and a girl came out from around the corner.

Tom: Kate, help him. I'll take care of these two.

Tom took out а Molotov cocktail and set the wick on fire. The bottle flew towards the nurse and exploded right under his feet. Engulfed in flames, he began to growl furiously and stomp on the spot. Tom pulled out the carbine that was hanging on his back and fired a few shots at the burning nurse and the doctor behind him.

Tom: There you go! Kate, what’s going on over there? Kate?!

Tom turned around and saw Kate trying to reason with a scared young guy in a patient's gown.

Kate: What's your name? Don't worry, these two are done with. How did you end up here?

Ben: B-b-b-e-n. What's going on here? Who are these people?


Kate: Alright, Ben. I'm Kate, and this is Tom. We are the fighters of the Resistance. Have you heard of the Resistance?

Ben: Resistance? Nah, I haven't. What kind of resistance? What are you talking about? Who were those people? Why did they want to kill me?

Tom: Do you know about AV? The Adult Virus?

Ben shook his head in perplexion.

Tom: Hmm, were you just born yesterday? Where have you been the for last three weeks?

Kate:  Tom, stop it. Can't you see he's scared and doesn't get any of this? Look at his clothes. Looks like he was a patient in this hospital. Ben, what's the last thing you remember?

Ben:  I remember going to school... and then crossing the road... and I think I got hit by a car. (Ben grabbed his head and started rubbing it)

Tom: When was that?

Ben:I n September.

Tom:I n September? But it's June. What year was that?

Ben: What do you mean, what year? 2018, of course!

Tom: Alright, now I get it. Dude, it's 2023.

Ben: What?

Tom: Looks like you went into a coma and were unconscious the whole time.

Ben: What? Unconscious for five years? Where are my parents?

Tom: Probably infected. How old were they?

Ben: Mom was forty-five, and dad was almost fifty.



Tom: Well, then you can pretty much forget about them.

Ben: Shit, what the hell happened here? What are you talking about? What could they possibly be infected with?

Tom: Follow us. It's not safe here. We need to find the medical supplies and get back to the base before dark.

Ben:To the base?!

Kate: Yes, to the Resistance Base. Come with us. You won't survive on your own.

Tom moved down the hall, keeping his carbine at the ready. Kate pulled out her gun and followed him.

Tom: Kate, keep up. We need to go up to the fourth floor. There's a ladder over there. Let's go.

Ben: Kate, look, what's going on, anyway? Tell me! My head is spinning, I can't wrap my head around any of this.

Kate: Ben, something happened while you were out. I don't know how to explain it to you. Basically, the MHV, Mature Human Virus hit the world. It strikes all people over thirty. Humans begin to age very quickly and turn into creatures like those we just downed back there. Within hours of being infected, they turn into crazy old people who then walk around the city like zombies and attack the young and those who are still uninfected. They are slow, but very persistent and usually attack others in groups. Usually they bite their victims' limbs or strangle them. You're lucky there were only two of them.


Ben: Are you serious? Damn, you've got to be kidding me!!! What bloody zombies, what bloody virus?!

Kate: This virus has been around on our planet for a long time. At first, it was a mild one. Remember that. After turning 25-30 years people became different. They began to lose interest in life. They went to work that they hated. They thought the most important things in life were money and family. They believed that milk strengthens the bones and meat contains indispensable elements.  Many of them seriously thought that there was no climate warming from human activity. These were the first signs of infection. The virus was affecting their minds.

Ben: Yes, I remember. There were so many of them when I was in high school.

Kate: Yeah, that's right. There were so many of them. And then the virus suddenly mutated and three weeks ago people began to age very quickly and turn into zombies.  It's happening all over the planet…


Tom: Hey, stop talking! I heard something at the end of the hallway. Kate, I'm gonna stand here, and you two go through that door. Looks like a medical supply room. Take whatever you need and let's scram.

Tom knelt down and pointed the barrel of his carbine towards the souce of the strange noises. Kate and Ben ran up to the medical supply room door.

Kate: Okay, Ben, here's a list of the medications that we need to find. Let's look for them first, and then we'll just figure the rest out as we go. Come on.

Kate opened the door and disappeared inside the room. Ben went in after her.

Ben: Look, Kate, what about the government? Why aren't they fighting the epidemic?

Kate: The government was the first to be infected. There were no young people there, just old folks.

Ben: Oh, shit. So, what do we do now?

Kate: Our resistance movement has got a plan. We'll kill all the zombies, stop the virus and build a new world. Maybe it's for the best...

Ben: What do you mean, for the best?

Kate: Maybe it's a good thing the old people are gone. Greta says this whole thing happened for a reason. Those infected with the mild form of the virus led our civilization to disaster.


Kate: With an elderly government, we the young people had no hope for a normal future. At least now there's some hope. Thanks to this virus, the world population will very soon drop to 2 billion and we'll most likely be able to avoid an environmental disaster.

Ben: Who's Greta?

Kate: She's our leader. The leader of the Resistance.

Tom: How much longer are you gonna be? Time to get out of here!

Kate: We're almost done. We've got everything we need.

When Kate and Ben rushed out of the supply room, Tom started to blaze away at the old folks from his carbine as they began emerging from the dark end of the hallway.

Tom: Kate, how many bottles have you got?

Kate: Two.

Tom: Give them to me! I'm gonna set them on fire!

Kate: How do we get out of here? There is a down staircase over there.

Tom: We'll take the fire escape. It's in that part of the building.

Tom set the wicks on fire and threw the bottles at the moving crowd of old people.



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