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A day in a millionaire’s life. Part 1: Black frenzy

A day in a millionaire’s life. Part 1: Black frenzy

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Oleg Ghor Oleg Ghor

Sam comes to visit his college friend Frank. Frank has been binge-drinking for several months, and his friends and family are worried about his physical health and psychological state.

Author's message

If you’ve got opportunities, don’t waste them. Making the world better is the most awesome thing you can do in life.


Sam rang the bell three times, but no one was about to open the door for him. Then he started banging on it with his fist. Behind the door he heard someone's footsteps and the ringing of broken glass. A drunken voice bellowed inside:

Frank: Get the hell out of here!!! Or I'll put the dogs on you...

Sam: Frank, it's me, Sam, Sam Black. Open up, please, I need to talk to you.

Frank: Who the hell is Sam Black?! I don't know anyone by that name. Get out of here while you're still alive! I'm warning you, I'm armed!

Sam: Frank, stop this crap! It's Sam. You and I went to Harvard together.

Frank: You're lying. I didn't go to Harva.. ikk.. rd! (hiccups)

Sam: Okay, I've had enough of this. Either you open the door, or I’ll tell everyone what you did the night before your junior year philosophy exam!

After a short pause, there was the sound of an opening lock. The door flung open. Frank appeared in the doorway. He had nothing on except for underpants and a dressing gown. In one hand he was holding a bottle of whiskey.

Frank: You wouldn't dare... you greenhorn!

Sam: Oh, I will. Let me through! (Sam wriggled between the doorway and Frank) Damn, Frank, you stink like a bum! When was the last time you showered?

Frank shrugged and slammed the door.


Frank: Did my mother send you?

Sam: Yes, she did. I would have around come myself if I knew it was the third month of your drinking binge already. She says you haven't been out of the house in almost a month. Do you want to talk?

Frank: Talk? What's there to talk about? I'm doing great! I am the son of the richest man on the planet. What can you talk to me about? (He took a sip right out of the bottle and retched with relish)

Sam: Oh, enough already! Give that damn bottle here!

Sam approached Frank and snatched the whisky bottle from his hands. Frank roared like a furious bull.

Frank: Hey, hey, heeeeeeey!!! Don't forget, boy, you're my guest! And again, I'm warm... I'm wern... warning you - I'm armed! (Frank stuck his hand in his robe pocket, as if he had a gun there.) You get what I’m saying, you punk?

Sam: I get it.

Sam grabbed Frank tightly by the collar and the arm and dragged him to the bathroom. Frank tried to struggle, but he could no longer control his weak arms and legs. He ended up just dropping to the floor, and Sam slung him across the floor like a sack of potatoes. All Frank could do was swear furiously and scream.


Frank: Where are you dragging me, you sucker! This is my home!!! Scumbag!!!

Somehow or other, Sam managed to drag him into the bathroom, ripped off his greasy robe, put him under the shower and poured a powerful jet of cold water over him. Frank resisted for a while, waved his hands and swore. But he soon subsided, sat on the shower floor and began to cry, oblivious to the icy water.

Sam: So, are you any better?  Let's get out.

Sam turned off the water and covered Frank with a towel.

Frank: What do you want from me? ... Ah, I get it, you need money!!!  How much?

Sam: Stop talking drivel! You know very well that I don't need the money. I came here because I don't want to attend my best friend's funeral. Judging by your state, I'm just in time. Here's a clean robe for you. Get dressed, let's go into the living room. We need to talk.

Sam sat Frank down on the couch, and sat across from him on the coffee table.

Sam: Well, tell me what happened to you. What is it?


Frank: What happened? I'm Frank O'Neil - that's what happened.

Frank began eyeing the whiskey bottle, but Sam kicked him on the leg.

Sam: Dammit, I'm asking you what happened! I've known you for almost 10 years. You never had any problems with being an O'Neil. On the contrary, you yelled about it at every corner. And now you're all sad. Why the sudden blues?

Frank: I'm a nothing, Sam! Do you understand? A pathetic, cowardly zero! You don’t know how tired I am of all this wealth! (he waved his hands in the air) From these huge houses with dozens of bedrooms, posh cars, expensive sluts and all kinds of banquets and hangouts...

Sam: Oh, you poor Frankie! Tired of his incredible wealth. Half the planet doesn't have the chance to drink clean water and eat normally! And you just have too much of a good thing!

Frank: Yeah, yeah... you're right! That's the point! I told you, I'm nothing! And here's this guy from Australia... heard about him? He’s got no legs.


Frank: This son of a bitch built a homemade factory to recycle plastic bottles using his own social benefits money. And his whole town now gives bottles to him, and he makes garden furniture and some other crap out of them.

Sam: Yeah, I've heard of him. So what? Are you suddenly tormented by your conscience? You've never had one.

 Frank: Yeah, I'm an unconscionable critter... but I'm not an idiot! Sam, my capabilities are virtually limitless.  I could really make the world a better place, just like that guy... But instead I'm wasting my dad's money and my own life.

Sam: You're not the only one who does that. All your rich friends and girlfriends are doing the same thing. Alas, that's the fate of all the rich kids.

Frank: Except you. You're different... that's why you're my best friend.

Sam: I'm the son of an engineer and a teacher. I'm neither a billionaire, nor a rich kid, though thanks to you, I know many of them and know how they live.



Frank: I'm so sick of all these puffed up morons. They're boring nothings, just like me! Do you know how much money they spend on all kinds of trinkets? This pile of money would be enough to cure every kid with cancer! Re-plant the damn Amazon with trees! Save all those endangered species...

Sam: These luxury trinkets are designed to make sure people like you can spend their money. If you can't spend it, then people would have no incentive to aspire to wealth. Our entire economic system is founded on this...

Frank: Are you saying everyone wants to be as rich as me? Live like me?

Sam: Well, of course! Don't be a fool!  They look at people like you, see the cars you drive, the houses you live in, the wine you drink. Of course they want to live just like that. You're the bloody elite! You're the beacon for those who believe in the American dream!

Frank: If I'm the beacon, this world is headed to its doomsday...


Frank bent over and covered his face with his hands.

Sam: But nobody is forcing you to live the way you do. It's all up to you... you're still young, you're not even thirty yet. Everything can be changed.

Frank: Exactly! That's what I will do!

Frank straightened up quickly and stared at Sam with a crazy look.

Frank: I'll give up my inheritance, sell all my possessions and go live somewhere in Tibet! Maybe that's where my soul will find peace...

Sam: I thought you were smarter than that. You were the one who said that you have almost unlimited options. This is where you use them. It's stupid to give them up. The guy with no legs was able to clean his measly town. You could do a lot more. Show all those self-indulging bastards how to use what they've got.

Frank jumped on his feet and swept up near the couch.

Frank: Sam, you son of a bitch, thanks for coming today! Forgive me, I'm sorry I'd been ignoring you. I didn't forget, it's just how it happened...

Frank rushed to hug Sam and slap him on the back.

Sam: Don't worry, I'm not offended. So, are you any better yet?

Frank: Yeah, I'm better. And now I'll get even better!

Sam: Hey, hey, Frank, you... where are you running to?


Frank: To the garage. For gasoline. Call the fire rescue and drive your car up to the porch.

Sam caught up with the running Frank and grabbed his hand.

Sam: What are you going to do?

Frank: I'm gonna burn this damn house down! It disgusts me!

Sam: You're crazy! What about the servants?

Frank: It's Sunday, I'm all alone in the house.

Sam: Frank, wait, you can't!

Frank: Sam, let me do this! You gave me hope that I could live differently. So don't take this hope away from me! Let me do something I should have done long ago, but didn't dare to! While I'm being brave...

Sam looked into Frank's mad eyes and let go of his hand.

Frank brought in a canister of gasoline and started pouring it on the living room floor. A minute later, the living room was on fire. Frank ran out into the street, where Sam's car was waiting for him with its door open.

Frank: Let's get the hell out of here! Floor it, Sam!

The firefighters arrived 10 minutes later, but the house was already up in flames.


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