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The True  American. Part 3: White House

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The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

The True American. Part 3: White House

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Azer Babaev Azer Babaev

A decade had passed since the Great Negotiations. Peter is now the Ambassador of the United States of Africa in America. He is called to the White House and receives information that should become a reason for the new World War.

Author's message

Our world would become a lot better if it absorbed at least some of Native American culture and philosophy.

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg


Ten years have passed since Peter came to America to take part in the Great Negotiations. As Mr. Campbell predicted, his career advanced quickly, and he has been serving as an ambassador for two years. And his friend Bob Smith became one of his advisors. Despite the fact that they turned out to have completely different views of life, they remained close friends, and Bob was a frequent guest in Peter's office.

Peter:  Bob, I got a call from Washington this morning. I'm being summoned to some White House meeting. I'm flying out next Tuesday.

Bob:  Whoa. The White House. Must be something serious.

Peter:  Yeah. And something top-secret. The official purpose of my trip to the United States is stated as family reasons.

Bob:  Any reason to worry?

Peter:  What do you think? First, these men from military intelligence are calling me. I think something very serious is brewing.

Bob:  Well, scouts nowadays won't surprise anyone. Almost the entire planet lives under martial law.

Peter: Yeah, but not in America.


Bob:  What's so amazing about this? I've always said that Americans won't be able to avoid the consequences of the global crisis. As hard as they try to pretend that they have nothing to do with it, it will affect them anyway. They were warned about it ten years ago.

Peter:  Alright. Let's see what they tell me at the White House.

A week later, Peter flew to Washington. People in black suits and with headphones met him at the airport and immediately took him to the White House meeting, which had apparently started long before Peter's arrival. As he entered the meeting room, he saw many people sitting at a large table, immersed in a heated discussion.  Aside from US President Barrymore, almost all the “biggies” from the US government, as well as from US military departments led by the Secretary of Defense were at the table. Mr. Campbell, who was now the head of the Foreign Ministry, was there.  He was the first to see Peter walk in.

Campbell: Oh, Peter, come here, sit down. You're just in time.

Peter approached the table, greeted the president and other meeting participants, and sat down next to Mr. Campbell.


One of the president's advisors addressed Peter:

Advisor:  Mr. Saul, do you have any idea why you're here today?

Peter: I have no idea (Peter shook his head).

Advisor: We're on the verge of a big war, Mr. Saul.

Peter:  I understand that. I don't understand why I was the one summoned, not the Chinese or Russian ambassador.

Advisor: That's the thing - trouble came from an unexpected place. (The presidential advisor looked and nodded towards one of the people sitting at the table. Peter didn't know him, but it was clear that he was from some law enforcement agency. Probably from the CIA.).

The man with a willful expression started talking:

CIA agent:  We've recently received the intelligence from America, Mr. Saul. Our sources report that the American government is secretly preparing a surprise attack on us and our allies.

Peter: What? That's unthinkable! No, it can't be, it's... it's simply impossible!

Advisor: Yes, Mr. Saul, we're just as shocked. Who would have thought...

Peter: What kind of attack are we talking about? Americans don't have the army they would need for it. The attack requires offensive weapons that America never had.



CIA agent:  That's what we thought, Mr. Ambassador. But intelligence informs us that they do have weapons of this sort. They've classified them, and are keeping them secret so that they could be used suddenly. And these weapons are extremely powerful and dangerous. You know the level of their technology as well as I do. Hell knows what unknown technologies Nikola Tesla left them.

Peter came to a halt, stunned by what he heard. He couldn't believe it. The man from the security department continued.

Advisor:  Because of this information, we have convened an emergency meeting. We have decided that in case of aggression on the part of America we will be forced to use thermonuclear weapons. Our European allies will support us.

Peter:  What? (Completely perplexed, Peter examined all those sitting at the table)

President Barrymore expressed regret with his entire look.

President Barrymore: This is a very difficult decision for all of us, Mr. Saul, but I'm afraid we have no other choice. Nuclear weapons are our only chance to defend our right to existence and independence.

Peter:  But why would they attack us?

President Barrymore: That's a question for you, Mr. Saul.


Peter:  I really don't know what to tell you, Mr. President. (Peter spread his hands)

Minister Campbell came to Peter's aid:

Campbell: In fact, their motives are quite clear-cut and understandable. Over the past ten years, they have been actively promoting their religion in the Old World (Peter wanted to correct Campbell, but the latter gestured to him to keep silent). However, they haven't managed to achieve any significant results for 10 years. It's no secret that they see us as a threat to the entire planet. They made this statement publicly a number of times. Now the environmental and food catastrophe has reached its climax. That's why the Americans decided to move on to more aggressive actions. And instead of sharing the technology and resources so that we could get out of the crisis, they decided to simply destroy us and propagate their faith.

These words almost made Peter jump up in his chair. He clenched his teeth hard not to say anything unpleasant. Peter didn't expect to hear such hypocritical and cynical nonsense from his boss. But all of a sudden Peter understood everything. He realized there was some kind of a show being played out at the table.


The president's advisor was nodding his head:

Advisor: Yes, we share your views as well.

Peter did not continue to argue or make his arguments. He looked up at the president:

Peter: What is required of me, Mr. President?

After Peter received the needed instructions, he left the meeting. When the door behind Peter slammed, President Barrymore looked at Campbell.

President Barrymore: Will, do you think he believed us?

Campbell: I don't think so. (He shook his head) He's smart and smells this kind of thing from a mile away. Besides, he knows more about Americans than anyone in the Old World.

President Barrymore: As long as he doesn't do anything stupid.

CIA agent:  Don't worry, Mr. President. We'll have him followed and won't let him make a mistake.(When the president nods in the affirmative, a man from law enforcement turned to his colleague) Steve, make the arrangements, please.

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

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