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Travel Companion. Part 3: Dubai

This sociomics has a full version

Travel Companion
Travel Companion
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

Travel Companion. Part 3: Dubai

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Pavel Mikhalcev Pavel Mikhalcev

Bill continues his strange and mysterious journey. Along the way he meets people who are just as strange and mysterious. Who are they? CIA agents or the representatives of the secret world government?

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Evolve or die!

This sociomics has a full version

Travel Companion
Travel Companion
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg


In Dubai, Bill stayed at a hotel for a few days. Late in the afternoon, he bought a tour to the tallest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. He took a high-speed elevator up to the skyscraper’s observation deck with a beautiful view of the city. Bill leaned on the railing and watched the sunset. A stranger came to stand next to him, without Bill noticing his presence.

Stranger: Hello, Bill. Enjoying the sunset?

Bill: (examining the stranger) Excuse me, do we know each other?

Stranger: No, I don’t think so. Although I do know something about you. You are a scientist from Boston with a degree in microbiology and biology. Recently, you have been specializing in...

Bill: Sorry, but could you introduce yourself? I’d like to know who I'm talking to.

Stranger: You can call me Sam. Listen, Bill, do you know that you are being followed?

Bill: (instinctively looking around) What do you mean, followed? By whom?!

Stranger: You are being followed from Boston. By the CIA.

Bill: The CIA? But, but... why the hell should I believe you? I don’t even know who you are. And why on earth would the CIA follow me?



Stranger: I don’t know... I thought you’d tell me about that. Look, Bill, I work for a very secret organization. And I was sent to help you, since you are in real danger. But in order to help you, I must understand why they are following you. Do you have any idea?

Bill: All right, let me think... It seems to me that you are an agent of the world government. Am I right?

Stranger: Hmm, you are not as simple as you seem at first glance. Do you believe in the world government?

Bill: What do you mean “believe”? I don’t believe in it, I just know it exists. But I used to have only indirect evidence of their existence. And now, with your visit... But does it mean that the CIA is not accountable to you?

Stranger: Do you think we control everything? It's a delusion. We have a strong influence on various spheres of human society... A very strong influence. But we do not exercise total control and do not strive for it. In this case, the CIA protects the interests of the US government.

Bill: Whose interests are you protecting?


Stranger: The interests of the part of the world's population that cares about its fate. And certain people who are at least somewhat aware of what’s happening around them.

Bill: It doesn’t look like you are doing a good job with this. There are very few people like that on our planet. And they have long been held hostage by greedy, stupid and worthless idiots who seek to gain power and money by any means. These people usually come to power around the world, as they are ready to climb over heads and shed blood. Then these people start bloody wars. That’s why money is spent on weapons and the military – thousands of times more than on education and environmental protection. These idiots just don't have brains.

Stranger: Bill, now is not the best time or place for a philosophical discussion.

Bill: Excuse me, what’s your name again? Sam? But this is not a philosophical discussion. This is our real life. This is our world, which for some reason is ruled by brainless, ignorant people. Often, they are real maniacs, ready to press buttons and launch nuclear missiles at cities. Where is your world government? Maybe they are on the same side with those maniacs?


Stranger: And why is it that you’re only complaining about it and making others responsible? Why don't you try to gain power and change something yourself?

Bill: Because the system works in a way that you have to lie a lot, pretend a lot and play the ape. It is neither interesting nor pleasant for a normal person. Besides, the mostly dull common man will probably support their own candidate, who is just as dumb and shallow. Because he will speak their language. They will understand him. And they wouldn’t understand me.

Stranger: In my opinion, you are exaggerating a bit. The world has many sensible leaders who successfully manage large states and regions. They have a vision and understand the problems that they must solve.

Bill: It may be true. But still, there are more idiots around. And with every day they become more and more powerful. Your world order system is not working. Normal people have no chance of winning in this world. There are too many people, everything is too confusing. That’s why humanity is doomed! And your world government won’t be able to do anything (he says it so loudly that people on the observation deck turn around to look at him)!


Stranger: Hush, Bill, hush. We shouldn’t attract too much attention. Let's stop this pointless discussion and talk about more important issues right now. What exactly are you working on right now? Perhaps you are leading some important scientific project? Perhaps that is the reason the CIA is tailing you?

Bill: You know what, SAM, I won’t tell you anything! Deal with your CIA yourself, and leave me alone. If you threaten me, I’ll call the police. Is this clear?

Stranger: As you wish, Bill.

Bill: That's great. Farewell.

Bill turned and headed for the elevator.

Stranger: Hey, Bill!

Bill: (turning around) What else do you want?

Stranger: Just don't do anything silly, ok?

Bill did not answer and walked quickly towards the elevator.


This sociomics has a full version

Travel Companion
Travel Companion
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

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