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A day in a millionaire’s life. Part 2: Instagram Bitch

A day in a millionaire’s life. Part 2: Instagram Bitch

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Oleg Ghor Oleg Ghor

Frank has started a new life, but his girlfriend is not crazy about it.

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If you’ve got opportunities, don’t waste them. Making the world better is the most awesome thing you can do in life.


Sam sat in his chair, looking around.

Sam: A nice place you've got here. Simple, but tasteful. Congratulations!

Frank: Thank you. A beer?

Sam: I wouldn't mind a beer.

Frank brought some cold beer and put the cans on the table.

Sam: The press already knows everything. They've been writing about you all week. Here, look, even the Times wrote a piece today. (Sam unfolded a newspaper that he was holding and started reading aloud) “The son of the richest man on the planet has gone mad. He burned down his posh mansion along with several luxury cars. He now lives in a modest house and rides a Ford.” That's what it says.

Frank: I hope it's just the beginning. I've got a ton of cool ideas in my head right now and I intend to realize them! I feels simply amazing. It's as if I was reborn.

Sam: What's your dad going to say? He won't let you become a freak and shame his name.

Frank: I'd like to see him try! If he bothers me, I'll tell people how he really made his billions.

Sam: Well then, to the new Frank O'Neil! (Sam raised his hand with a can of beer.)



In the evening, Frank drove into the city center to meet his girlfriend. He was sitting at a cafe table and waiting when she appeared and lashed out at him with all her might:

Megan: Frank, you selfish pig! I wrote to you in every messenger, called you, and you just deigned to answer me today!

Frank: Hi, honey, I'm glad to see you too. You look wonderful!

Megan: Go to hell!

Frank: Megan, I was a little out of it, sorry. I needed time to figure everything out. Now I'm back in shape. See? (He threw up his hands.) Sit down.

Megan threw her purse onto a nearby chair and sat down. She was pissed off, and wasn't about to settle down.

Megan: Is it true what they write in newspapers and on the internet?

Frank: That I lost my mind? Partly true. You did see my old house, didn't you? I burned it.

Megan: And now you live in some sort of a shack?

Frank: Sam said it's very nice and cozy there.

Megan: Your Sam is a miserable loser and a bore!

Frank: Sam is my best friend. And I'm asking you not to insult him again. He was the one who pulled me out of the drinking binge. Where have you been the whole time?



Megan: What do you mean, where? I was working on my new project. I needed to shoot some new material. I went to Europe, then I flew to the Maldives... Frank, what happened to you?

Frank reclined in his chair and sighed:

Frank: Megan, I'm tired of living a meaningless life. I've been depressed for a long time. I don't want anything and don't aspire to anything because I already have everything. All I do in life is have fun and spend my dad's money right and left. I'm tired of living like that. I want more out of life.

Megan: Get into business. I've been proposing that for a long time. Your father won't be around forever. You'll have to head his corporation soon. You have to prepare for that. Do you want me to help you? Let's design cool high-class clothes, eh? I even have a suitable brand name for us...

Frank: Megan, I don't want to go into clothing design. I want to realize my personal potential, you know? There are so many different problems in the world that I and people like me could solve.  We can feasibly make the world a better place!

Megan: Okay, good. Of course, you can make the world a better place. But why would you give up the good life? What's the point of these senseless victims?


Frank: Oh, but I'm not going to give up the good life. I just want to get rid of the senseless excessive consumption and funnel the excess resources to something more worthwhile than a million-dollar wheelbarrow and a watch that's worth as much as a nice country house.

Megan: You only think of yourself! Did you even think of me?

Frank: Megan, I don't know what you mean?

Megan: What I mean!!!(Megan began to lose it.) You freaking egotist! Do you even understand what you've done?  You disgraced me in front of my entire audience.

Frank: Audience? Are you talking about those ass-kissers who follow you on Instagram?

Megan: What am I supposed to show them now? Me and you driving around in your new piece of crap car? Or how you are planting trees by your shack? They don't give a crap about that! They want to watch people live real, bright, full lives!

Frank: All the worse for them. Find yourself a new audience.

Megan: I'd rather find myself a new boyfriend!

Frank: Oh, that's how you're talking!? Then off you go! Instagram bitch!


Megan: With pleasure, you freaking weiner!!!

Megan screamed the last two words so loudly that people in the cafe began to turn around. She grabbed her purse and ran off.

Frank was left sitting on his chair. Out of the edge of his eye he noticed that the guy at the next table was covertly filming him. He recognized him straight away. He was well-known in the paparazzi circle, which was famous for its dirt on celebrities.

Frank: Hey, you son of a bitch, what are you doing here? You're filming me, aren't you?

Frank got up from his chair and moved towards the paparazzi. The paparazzi sprung up from the table and rushed to flee.

Frank: Stop, you asshole! Give me that camera!

Frank rushed after him. He almost caught up with him, but didn't notice how he ran out onto the roadway. The last thing he recalled was the squeal of the brakes and the Chevrolet badge on the hood of the van.

Frank woke up the next morning in the hospital. Sam was sitting in the room on a chair poking around in his phone.

Frank: Sam? Where am I?

Sam: Oh, you're finally awake. You're in the hospital. You got hit by a car last night.

Frank: Yeah, I kind of remember.


Sam: You got off easy. Just a mild concussion and a few abrasions. You'll be out in three days.

Frank: Does my Mom know?

Sam: Yeah. She stayed with you all night. In the morning, I talked her into going home to sleep. Where were you going in such a hurry that you got run over? I hope you weren't running after Megan? She's not worth it.

Frank: Fucking paparazzi. He recorded our conversation with Megan.

Sam laughed and threw a magazine onto Frank's bed.

Sam: Too bad you didn't catch up with him.

Frank opened the magazine. On the main cover there was a picture of him with Megan. And the headline read “Reason for Frank O'Neil's mental disorder revealed. He's impotent.”

Frank: (Flinging the magazine to the floor) Would people believe this article in a crappy magazine?

Sam: You bet they will. Megan published a post on her page this morning that confirms this information. It turns out that you really are impotent!

Frank: What a bitch! Sam, I suggest you stay away from me if you don't want to ruin your reputation. The next headline may read “Frank O'Neil is now sleeping with his best friend...”. 

Friends laughed out loud.

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