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The True American. Part 4: At home among strangers, a stranger among his own

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The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

The True American. Part 4: At home among strangers, a stranger among his own

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Azer Babaev Azer Babaev

Peter realizes that his government set up a conspiracy against America. The world is on the verge of a huge war. He must now make a choice as to whose side he is on.

Author's message

Our world would become a lot better if it absorbed at least some of Native American culture and philosophy

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg


The day after the White House meeting, Peter flew back to America. Almost the entire night and all the way back, he was thinking about what to do next. When he got out of the plane, a plan of action had already ripened in his brain. After spending another night with these thoughts, he went to the embassy the following morning. The first thing he did was stop by Bob's office. He was the only non-American he could really trust like himself. After knocking at the door twice and without waiting for an answer, Peter went into his friend's office.

Bob: Oh, look, our boss is back. How was your trip?

Peter: Fine. How are things around here?

Bob:  Business as usual. It's a snoozefest.

Peter: That's alright, you'll be having fun pretty soon! I'll give you a...

Peter didn't finish. He suddenly realized he was probably being followed already. And maybe even tapped.

Peter: Uh, Bob, I'm gonna give you a mission. You need to find something in the archive.

Bob: What exactly? (Bob looked at Peter, perplexed)

Peter: This is the document.



Peter took a notepad from the table, jotted something down quickly and handed it to Bob. He read:

“We're being tapped. Play along with me here. I'll meet you tonight at the bay, as usual. Don't bring your mobile phone.”

Even more perplexed, Bob looked up to Peter and said with uncertainty:

Bob: Okay, boss. I'll do it.

In the evening, Peter went to “Rocky Bay,” one of the most popular and beautiful nightclubs in America. It was located right inside a huge cliff on the ocean shore. Water was splashing below, stars flickered above, and live music played in-between. The club's natural rocky walls and the internal cave system made any musical composition sound completely unique. It was always noisy, with a lot of people inside. Peter hoped it would be difficult to listen in to the upcoming conversation. Peter met Bob at the front counter. They found a free table, ordered food and cocktails.

Bob: What the hell happened, Peter? Who can be listening to us? What happened at the meeting in Washington?


Peter: Bob, I don't even know where to start. (Peter poured himself some water and took a few sips) It's just unthinkable! They've gone insane!

Bob: Peter, first things first, I don't understand a thing. Who's gone insane? What happened?

Peter: Bob, our government and the European Union want to start a war with America.

Bob: What?

Peter: And not just any war. They plan to use nuclear weapons against Americans.

Bob: What kind of nonsense is this, Peter? What goddamn nuclear weapons? Are you kidding me?

Peter: I'm not kidding, Bob. It's all very serious. As I understand, the entire Old World political elite is in collusion against America. China, Russia, and India included. That's it.

Bob: But... but why? What's the point of this war?

Peter: It's the usual, Bob. Power and money. The crisis in the Old World has reached its peak. You read the news, don't you? People in Africa and Asia have nothing to eat or drink. Living standards in the US and Europe are droppig every day. Unemployment rates are skyrocketing.  The middle class is on the verge of extinction. Bob, over the last ten years, Washington and the whole country have changed beyond recognition.

Bob: Yeah, I know. I went there last year for Christmas.


Peter: Right. Add the military conflicts of the last 3 years. Have you heard what's happening at the border with the Central African Republic? Every day they repel attacks by armed groups of people who want to make their way to the  United States. There is a real war going on with hundreds and thousands dying every day. Europe has similar problems with migrants from Asia and Africa. And all this crap is only going to get worse.

Bob: Oh, yeah. (Bob shook his head) You and I don't see any of this here in America. To be honest, I can hardly believe any of this, though I do understand that it's all true.

Peter: The situation is getting out of their control. A little more and real chaos will ensue. All these ministers, presidents, sheikhs, chairmen, oligarchs, billionaires, bankers, corporations will soon lose their power. The world economy is on the verge of collapse. How can they accept that? Right, Bob?

Bob: God knows! I guess they can't.

Peter: That's right. And then these Native Americans are butting in with their worldview. Did you read the latest report by U.S. Ministry of Culture?

Bob shook his head.



Peter: The American view of life is becoming an extremely popular trend among young people in the USA, Europe, and all over the world! Books by American writers are sold out instantly. Social networks and the entire Internet are full of American philosophy and information about their lifestyle. By the way, the Americans have invested huge resources in all of this. They aimed at young people and they managed to attract their attention.

Bob: This is more dangerous than cruise missiles and tanks.

Peter: That's the thing. The younger generation likes Native Americans. They like their free lifestyle, their clothes, music and art. They like their attitude to nature and to each other, the relations between men and women, between the elderly and children. They want to be like them and live like them. Young people will soon grow up and take the future into their own hands. And trust me, there will be no place in this future for giant corporations, greedy corrupt politicians or ruthless militarists. That's what they fear most, Bob!

Bob: And therefore they are willing to go to any lengths to prevent it. Even if it takes a nuclear war?



Peter: War? No, it won't be a war. It will be ordinary genocide.

Bob: Right... I forgot that the Americans don't have nuclear weapons. But how will it benefit them, except for the resources and technology? People will not approve of the extermination of Americans.

Peter: That's why they organized the conspiracy.  I believe that they will soon carry out some monstrous provocation and accuse Americans of it.

Bob: What do you mean?

Peter: What do I mean? Well, like detonate a nuclear bomb in the ocean off the New York coast, create a tsunami that will destroy the city and its twenty-five-million population. And then they'll say the Native Americans did it with their secret climate weapons. Or destroy several cities at once, to make it more convincing. It won't be their first time, you know? When the media report tens of millions dead, people will demand punishment for the aggressors. And then the authorities will be free to do whatever they want.

Bob: You think they will commit such a terrible crime?

Peter: Don't make me laugh, Bob.  It's like you were born yesterday. They won't even blink an eye!



Bob: Hell, you're right. Life in America has made me a little naive. But what about China and Russia? Will they allow us to take over American resources and technology?

Peter: I'm sure they've already agreed on everything. They will split up their resources and technology. Everyone gets a piece. It will be enough to hold on to power and stabilize the economy.

Bob: But they won't have sufficient resources for too long, right? 20-30 years max. What will they do afterwards?

Peter: And then the crisis will come back again. But by then they will perfect their weapons and start killing each other with even greater efficiency. They will not change anything, merely postpone their end.

The waiter brought their food and drinks and they silently proceeded to eat.

Bob: Peter, what do we do now?

Peter put his fork on the table, finished chewing his food, and looked at Bob.

Peter: Everyone has to decide what he is going to do. I already made my decision.

Bob: You want to challenge the entire global political machine? Peter, they're gonna grind you into dust.

Peter: I'll do what my heart tells me to do.


After talking to Bob, Peter went to his girlfriend, who lived near Rocky Bay. Her name was Wave Glider, she was American. They've been together for several years. Lying on a veranda in a hammock under the stars, he told her about his trip to the United States.

Peter: ... you can't imagine how uncanny I felt in Washington. I haven't been there for a long time and forgot what stone jungle, traffic, polluted air and crowds of people are like. And the number of beggars walking the streets is just horrifying. Entire families sleep on the streets and dig through trash cans in search of something to eat. It is scary to even think about what is happening in less affluent countries.

Wave Glider: Yeah, that's sad. I've been to the United States and Europe several times. I remember I saw beggars lying on park benches when I was in London for the first time . They were all dirty, in torn-up clothes. One had a cardboard sign that said something like, “Help! I'm hungry.” I went to the nearest store and bought them plenty of food.


Wave Glider:  I couldn't understand how people could have nothing to eat next to luxury houses and expensive cars. In American society, no one would be bathing in luxury if his neighbor had no food or clothing. If a person was in trouble for some reason, he would definitely receive help to get on his feet. Back in London, I was truly stunned that people may think differently.

Peter: It wasn't this bad when I was little. My mom and I lived in a small town in the south of the country, I've told you this. I remember going swimming in the lake. Huge baobabs grew near the lake, and my friends and I loved to climb them. They made treehouses and tarzies on the trees to jump down into the water. Animals often came to drink from the lake. Antelopes would take food straight from your hands, imagine that. Now this lake is destroyed. And most of the trees and animals, for whom the lake was the source of life, are gone with it.

Wave Glider: And all for what? If it made people any happier. But it's the opposite, right? You said that people in Europe and the United States very often suffer from depression. Are these happy people?


Peter: This is all the bloody system we still can't get rid of. It doesn't only devour oceans and forests, it also feeds on human souls. It devours life itself.

They lay silently for a few minutes. Then Peter continued.

Peter: You know, when I first came to America 10 years ago, I was amazed. It's one thing to read in books about how your people live in harmony with nature and yourselves. And it's entirely different to see and experience it first-hand. Here in America you begin to perceive reality differently, you look at things from a different angle. And it's not only that you have clean air and untouched nature even in your cities, but that here in America, you discover a special meaning of life. I don't even have the words to explain it. This is where you start to really love life. You feel ease and freedom. Real freedom, not fictional, off magazine covers and TV screens.

Wave Glider: Stop saying YOUR. You've become a real American a long time ago. 

Peter: What does it mean to be a real American?


Wave Glider: To me, being an American means going along the path of spiritual development.

Peter: And what do you mean by spiritual development? It's just that a lot of my friends get it wrong. Take Bob, for instance. He is a good kid, but when he hears the word “spiritual,” he immediately wrinkles his nose. In his understanding, spirituality is a rejection of all material things, boredom, hypocrisy, abstinence. In general, it’s the abandonment of the plenitude of life.

Wave Glider: Hmm, spirituality is just the opposite — acceptance of the plenitude of life, living to the fullest! I think spiritual development is mostly the freedom to be what you want to be and to create the world around you the way you want to see it. That's probably the most important thing. But as you say, the system doesn't allow people to be themselves.

Peter: Yes, that's true. And now the system wants to take that right away from Americans.

Wave Glider: What? What do you mean?


Peter: I didn't tell you the most important thing. Our world is in mortal danger...

Peter told Wave Glider about the plans devised across the ocean.

Wave Glider: This is pure horror! Are they really capable of that?

Peter: They are. Don't even doubt that.

Wave Glider: So what are you gonna do?

Peter: That's exactly what Bob asked me. Here’s what we decided: I have to meet with the chiefs. Then I'll probably be hunted down as a traitor. It will look like Bob has nothing to do with it, and he'll stay on at the embassy. He'll be my eyes and ears over there. He'll most likely be followed, too, but we'll figure something out. You have to help me, too.

Wave Glider: Of course, I will. What do I need to do?

Peter: Tomorrow morning, you'll go to the House of Chiefs and ask them to come up with some excuse to call me to a meeting or emergency negotiations. Tell them anything you want — the main thing is that they call me in. Can you handle that?

Wave Glider: Don't worry. It will be alright. .

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

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