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Travel Companion. Part 6: Buenos Aires

This sociomics has a full version

Travel Companion
Travel Companion
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

Travel Companion. Part 6: Buenos Aires

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Pavel Mikhalcev Pavel Mikhalcev

Bill finds out an amazing fact – it turns out that Homo Sapiens is no longer the pinnacle of evolution. But who are these people of the future? And do they stand a chance of saving the humanity from inevitable destruction?

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Evolve or die!

This sociomics has a full version

Travel Companion
Travel Companion
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg


Three days later, at the Buenos Aires airport, Bill was seized by Argentinian law enforcement and US intelligence. He was arrested right at the airport, before even leaving the airplane. Intelligence agents went into the cabin, arrested Bill and took his suitcase. Local Argentinian publications mentioned this incident, but it was not widely publicized. The case was hushed up, indicating its insignificance and purely local nature. Few knew that this seemingly plain and unremarkable man with a suitcase in his hands was about to decide the fate of the entire population of the planet.

On the same day, Interpol and the CIA interrogated Bill. He was accused of terrorism and an attempt to use biological weapons against civilians. Three hours of interrogation were futile. The agents didn’t understand who Bill was working for and why he intended to carry out the attack.


Agent: Okay, wise guy, I’ve had enough of your crap for today. We’ve got some people from Washington here. From Langley. They want to have a word with you. You had your chance. Now we’ll let them do whatever they want with you.

The agent got up, collected the photographs and documents from the table and left the room. Fifteen minutes later, a man entered the interrogation room. He was wearing a black suit, and the badge that hung on his chest read “Special Agent Sam W. Central Intelligence Agency.” Bill did not pay any attention to the person who entered. He just sat silently with his eyes closed.

Sam: Well, hello, Bill.

Bill recognized the familiar voice and opened his eyes.

Bill: You? What are you doing here (Bill looked at his badge)? Ah, now it’s all clear. You lied to me then, right? You are with the CIA.

Sam: (waved his hand) Don’t pay attention, it's all just a disguise. No, I don’t work for the CIA. And I haven’t deceived you.

Bill: Why are you here then?

Sam: To save you.

Bill: Yeah right, I'll never believe that! You are here to save your system and all humanity.



Sam: That, too, I won’t deny that. Believe me, Bill, I understand you, probably better than anyone else on the planet. But what you have in mind is very awful and stupid! Bill, you are making a mistake.

Bill: Bullshit!!! I’ve heard that before.

Sam: We know that you created some kind of super-powerful biological weapon. We also know that you still need to activate it in order for it to start working. You have visited the largest airports and transfer hubs on the planet through which millions of people pass through every day. And you sprayed these bacteria at all airports. When bacteria multiply in sufficient numbers throughout the planet, you will activate them, they’ll kill every person on the planet and humanity will be destroyed. Billions of people will die...

Bill: Yes, I understand everything! I’m not a monster, after all! What do you think, that I am a crazy professor who decided to destroy the whole civilization because I’ve lost my marbles? Hell no!!! I am sane and fully aware of what I am doing. Just the same, I thought it over and over a thousand times. I’ve been looking for reasons not to do it for the last 20 years.


Bill: My heart breaks as I watch our civilization moving towards disaster!!! What do you think, I'm a heartless creature with no feelings?!

Sam: So, what's the matter then, Bill?

Bill: The fact is that whether we like it or not, humanity must be destroyed. Then nature will have a second chance to create Homo Sapiens, a more reasonable kind than the current version.

Sam: But what about evolution, Bill? Or do you consider yourself smarter than nature? Who the hell do you think you are, man (Sam slammed his palm on the table)!!!

Bill: Evolution? What does it have to do with anything?

Sam: Because it applies to humanity as well, the humankind is also evolving.

Bill: (laughing) Sam, that’s ridiculous! What evolution are you talking about? Did you read the news today? Mankind is in deep shit, and it’ll never get out of it!

Sam: To hell with the news! Bill, listen, I’m going to tell you something very important now. Something you may have missed. Something that can really change our world for the better. Believe it or not, Bill, but humanity is now on the verge of a giant leap in its development.


Bill wanted to wave him off, but Sam insisted.

Sam: No, Bill, listen to me, you have to hear everything, and then do what you want. No matter how hopeless everything looks in our world, there is a very important and interesting fact. We ourselves have just recently realized this. And I want you to know that too.

Bill: Just be quick, I'm very tired.

Sam: Bill, you're a scientist, right? You know that our human race is called Homo. And our race has species, right? The modern-day people are called Sapiens, which means ‘intelligent.’ But there were other species of the Homo genus before, right?

Bill: So?

Sam: There was also Homo Habilis, better known as Australopithecus, there was also Homo Neanderthalensis, whom we usually call simply Neanderthal, there were many other Homospecies. Some of them even lived at the same time, simultaneously with each other. For example, Homo Sapiens lived at the same time with Neanderthals, am I right?

Bill: That's right, go on.


Sam: As you know, Homo Sapiens was the most developed of all these species. It was Homo Sapiens who survived and became the dominant species on the planet. And all the other Homo species became extinct. That’s evolution.

Bill: Well, what does this have to do with our times?

Sam: Everything! Bill, you say that humanity is a dead-end branch of the living beings’ evolution. A mistake of nature, as you like to call us. But nature doesn’t make mistakes, it creates. And I am ready to reveal to you the most important secret of the 21stcentury.

Bill: Let's leave your conspiracy theory madness out of this. Get to the point.

Sam: Bill, the fact is that a new kind of Homo has emerged on the planet.

Bill's eyes widened as he stared at Sam.

Bill: What?!

Sam: What I’ve just said. A new kind of people has evolved on the planet. To be precise, it began to form quite a while ago. Maybe a hundred, maybe two hundred or a thousand years ago. But that’s not important. The important thing is that they have very special features.


Bill: What are they? Mutations?

Sam: No, they are signs that characterize a person’s level of awareness and his spiritual qualities more than anything. I don’t think that there are any physical or anatomical differences. Although all this has been studied very poorly at this point, and there may actually be physical changes.

There was silence in the room. Bill didn’t know what to say. Thoughts rushed frantically through his head. He tried to process the information he had just taken in.

Bill: And what’s the name of it, this new kind of Homo? Have you come up with a name for it?

Sam: Yes, of course. We call him Homo Intellexit, or Conscious People.

Bill froze up again, deeply immersed in thought.

Sam: Well, Bill, how do you like this news?

Bill: I don’t even know what to say. Surely it sounds very promising and interesting, but what if this is all just a figment of your imagination.

Sam: Bill, the whole world is a figment of our imagination. (pause)

Sam: Listen, you're a very smart and brave man, Bill. You clearly understood that humanity is heading for the abyss and dragging the entire planet into the grave along with it.


Sam: You attempted a really courageous act, deciding to help nature correct its mistakes, the way you saw fit. And indeed, humanity is facing a time of demanding and tremendous changes. It will be a difficult time. But, Bill, there is something greater than each of us individually. And nature is also part of this. And it does not make mistakes, since it’s always right. You consider them mistakes because you should look at these issues from a different angle and scale. Then you’ll see what we saw.

Bill: What did you see? How did you manage to identify the new Homo Intellexit?

Sam: Do you want to see one of them?

Bill: That would be great.

Sam: No problem. You can see one just by looking in the mirror.

Bill: I don’t understand you.

Sam: Don't be shy, Bill. You understand everything perfectly. People like you are Homo Intellexit. And you are not alone. There are already a lot of us on the planet, and the number is growing every day. It’s surprising that you didn’t think of it yourself.


Sam: You said that there are few conscious people on the planet, but they do exist. And they are nothing like the ones who brought us to the brink of the disaster we are facing now. They are very different from them. You’ve always known this, but for some reason you did not realize that you and people like you are no longer Homo Sapiens, but a different species.

Bill: Yes, that makes some sense...

Sam: Some sense? Bill, Homo Intellexit is the future of humanity and our planet. We are absolutely sure of this. Homo Intellexit possess a new level of awareness, a new level of thinking and a different worldview. This is what we’ve been looking for and not understanding for so long.

Bill: And what will happen next? What do we do now with this new species? And the most important question, what do we do with billions of Homo Sapiens?

Sam: They will die out, just as the Neanderthals once did. Homo Intellexit is the only possible future for the human race. This is the next evolutionary stage, which will allow humankind to survive and continue its development. These are the laws of nature, which we do not ye fully understand.



Bill: This is all ideology. What about practical issues? How are you going to solve the problems that we’ve discussed? An evolutionary leap can take a very long time. The fragile Homo Intellexit can be destroyed along with the entire planet in the next 30-40 years.

Sam: That's why we suggest you cooperate with us. Now our main task is to preserve the Homo Intellexit and ensure its further development.

Bill: But how?

Sam: Wow, there’s curiosity in your voice. And I can see the little spark in your eyes. That’s a good sign. We’ve got a plan, Bill. And we really need you to realize it. So, what do you think about that?

Bill: Hmm... This is all very interesting. Of course, I’d really like to study Homo Intellexit if your theory is correct. Find out its characteristics and differences from the other types. Understand how he thinks and what he wants... Basically, it’s very, very tempting. But what if you are leading me on again?

Sam: It doesn't matter. After all, as I understand it, only you can activate or not activate your bacteria. Therefore, the fate of mankind is in your hands.


Sam: If it comes to that, you can finish what you’ve been planning at any time. I’m just offering you an alternative. And I can tell that you appreciate it. In the meantime, let the bacteria sleep soundly. After all, they are completely safe until activated. Am I right?

Bill: Yes, you are.

Sam: Okay, Bill, I won’t pressure you anymore. You had a very difficult day today. You need to rest and sleep, so, I am leaving. You’ll have to spend the night here. And tomorrow I'll get you out of here. I’ll make sure that you have a good place to sleep with all the amenities.

Bill: I'm afraid I won't fall asleep today, Sam. To be honest, my head is just spinning from thoughts and ideas.

Sam: Relax, Bill. Give your brain a break. In order to succeed, we need to look at the world differently. And to do this, you need to clear your head.

Bill: Are you suggesting I get drunk?

Sam: No way! There are tons of other ways to do that. Meditate, for example. Read an interesting book, listen to music, watch a movie. There are many options.


Bill: You are probably right, Sam. That’s what I’ll do. Only they took everything away from me.

Sam: Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything. See you tomorrow, Bill.

Sam held out his hand, and Bill shook it fervently.

It was already past midnight when, having resolved all the issues with the CIA, Sam went outside. A black sedan pulled up. Sam opened the door to sit in the front, but then changed his mind. He let the driver go and walked along a deserted street somewhere in the center of Buenos Aires. The air was fresh and humid, since it had just recently rained. He walked along the street and relished the night city. Few people knew that this seemingly ordinary man, who usually introduced himself as Sam, was actually the 34thchairman of the secret world government. He was most important person in this mysterious organization, which for several centuries has tried to control the direction of development of all mankind. The enormous power and even greater responsibility this man possessed were truly hard to imagine. Despite this most challenging day, Sam felt great, because now he knew exactly what he had to do.

This sociomics has a full version

Travel Companion
Travel Companion
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

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