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Sociomics. Part 7: The Time of the Young

This sociomics has a full version

Gary Nisharg & Y Moon Gary Nisharg & Y Moon

Sociomics. Part 7: The Time of the Young

Gary Nisharg & Y Moon Gary Nisharg & Y Moon
Azer Babaev Azer Babaev

Jay and Vee are discussing the eternal problem of inter-generational relationships, but they are examining it at an unusual angle.

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You may not ready for this yet, but your kids will definitely like it…

This sociomics has a full version

Gary Nisharg & Y Moon Gary Nisharg & Y Moon


Vee: You know, Jay, I had an epiphany recently. I kept thinking about how we could change human society, make it evolve. It’s tremendously hard to move such a clumsy contraption. But then I understood that the renewal mechanism is laid down in the genes of the human life. The thing is, people tend to get old and die…

From behind the ajar door, Vee can hear dull thumping, loud rustling, water flushing in the toilet and Jay’s prolonged laughter. He comes out of the loo, still excited from the fun he was having a minute ago.

Jay: (wipes his tears from laughter and says) Ah-h-h-h… What?

Vee: I was saying people tend to get old and die.

Jay: Ah-h-h-h… Well yes, yes… Of course. Didn’t you know that?

Vee: Sit down, rest (points to the sofa, which Jay already took a liking to). Those few moments in the loo threw you off balance.

Jay: Oh, you’re so kind! (jumps into the armchair, throwing both his legs on the armrest) Ta-dam (with a smiling grimace and arms spread as if at on stage, looks at Vee sitting opposite him)


Jay: (slaps himself on the forehead and says) Damn it, I forgot to offer the honored sir a seat! (springs up from the armchair and points to the sofa with both hands while bowing down)

Vee: Thank you! (Vee makes a point of sitting down in the armchair Jay wanted to take)

Jay: (discontented, heads to the couch and says tersely) If somebody else were in your place, I would’ve already put a bullet through their head!!!

Vee: (laughs) Relax!

Jay: Your epiphany isn’t anything new! (discontentedly mutters under his breath)

Vee: (is silent and looks at Jay with a smile)

Jay: Why are you surprised? I heard everything.

Vee: Let’s continue then… (pauses, then continues to reason) In this regard, human society is akin to any living organism that consists of a multitude of cells. But here, in a society, people are similar to as cells. Old cells die off, new ones replace them. It’s so easy! Nature itself provides the answers to all the questions. Do you understand what I’m getting at?

Jay: They take a long time to die off and take up too much space. (smiles)


Vee: I want to say that young people have to understand that changing the world is actually very easy. And they are the ones who have the power to do that. The power over the future of humanity belongs to the young.

Jay: Sh-h-h-h… (puts his finger to his lips with a frightened look) That’s a big secret! Another closely guarded secret. If the young generation gets the wind of it, the old fogies are done for. The rotting old men’s rule is illusory. They’re like ashes in the wind, every minute may become their last (starts guffawing loudly, then sits up on the couch abruptly, changes countenance and speaks quietly and maliciously, slowly clenching his raised hand into a fist) They are greedy for everything, oh, so typical of them, and they only get greedier every year!

Vee: Right. But at some point they’ll die! And the young will replace them.

Jay: (suddenly bursts out laughing) Those wankers will survive both of us! They’re going to steamroll at least a couple more generations. (tries to lie down comfortably, writhing on his back) Those scumbags know where their interests lie… they know their dirty business.


Vee: That’s exactly where the point of power is situated. It’s the cradle of civilization’s future. If the youth don’t take their lead from the older generation. If they don’t accept their values or their rules of the game. If instead they establish their own rules and make their choices, then they have an excellent chance of building a new kind of society, of making it more progressive and better adapted to the challenges of the future.

Jay: (exclaims loudly) HA! Beautifully said!... But who is going to let them? The old rats quickly thwart any attempts at individualism. We’ve talked about child slavery, haven’t we? (looks at Vee inquiringly) They’ll be dipped into their own shit – so much for ‘changing society’ and ‘building the future.’ (laughs)

Vee: We just need to introduce young people all over the world to this information. In reality, youth is the time of romance and fearlessness. The time of hope and endless faith in your own powers and capabilities. The time of all-or-nothing attitude and desire to change the world for the better.



Vee: It’s the best humanity has got at the moment. By the age of 30-35, some earlier, some later, people turn into lifeless, joyless creatures. But before that time they are really alive and are ready to change the world!

Jay: You’re weird...

Vee: So are you!

Jay: (gives Vee a piercing look and a smile on his face) Utopia is your thing, Vee! (speaks with a sigh) A fighter for the better tomorrow  – boring! (pauses) Respect for the old farts as authorities, as more experienced and knowledgeable people – that’s the root of all evil in your lives, you kids! How could they let this happen? (shrugs) Listening to people with sawdust for brains!

Vee: Is this the tradition called ‘respect for elders’?

Jay: Respect for fucking who? (laughs loudly) Elders? What are we supposed to respect them for? For keeping up the attempts to start another world war? Or for having started two of those already? For destroying the planet?


Jay: For having cut down almost all the forests on the planet? For abusing children? For turning life into monotonous meaningless existence? For this? (spreads his arms and no longer laughs)

Vee: I agree with you. The young shouldn’t have to pay for their fathers’ and ancestors’ mistakes. We shouldn’t suffer because the older generation didn’t have enough brains and willpower to change a thing in the life of society.

Jay: (speaks seriously and pensively) It’s high time for the wankers to pay the bills. Let them tell fairy tales about duty, patriotism and other perversions to their grandmothers at bedtime. Now we’re going to send them to war to spill their blood, make them into cannon fodder – old folk have nothing to lose. And if they come back disabled, without arms and legs, we’ll kindly help them find peace in the other world. The money saved on supporting those useless human-like creatures will go to transform and change the human world, just like you wanted. (smiles broadly, looking at Vee)


Vee: One smart  science fiction writer suggested a way to end all the wars on Earth in his novel. To achieve this, we have to send people over 40 to war instead of young men. It’s a great idea to raise the conscription age to 45-50! Just brilliant! (spreads his arms) And you were right in noting that, first of all, the older generation deceives the youth. Secondly, it uses their energy and lives to achieve their goals. And the youth have to know and understand that.

Jay: Couldn’t be better! Let’s set them against each other! Boom! Let them waste one another and do our job for us! (laughs loudly and excitedly) Now that’s what I like! This is fun! Make your bets, gentlemen! Who’s going to win this race?! (laughs hysterically, gagging on saliva)

Vee: This conflict between fathers and sons has always existed and will always exist. Fathers used to always come out on top in the past, but it’s actually the sons who have to win. It’s logical. It’s a prerequisite for development and evolution.


Vee: And the point isn’t that the young generation must always oppose the older generation, their lifestyle and worldviews. It’s that they need to have their own opinions about it and shape the world according to their principles and their vision, instead of blindly believing everything their old folks offer them and tell them.

Jay: I’m betting a thousand bucks on the ‘old horses’! Their craftiness will come through for them! Old school! (chuckles maliciously, then turns his head to Vee) And you’re probably rooting for the ‘young stallions’?! It’s risky, keep that in mind… They’re young and coarse, and they’ll easily fall for intrigues and lies. You’ll lose… (speaks with indifference)

Vee: No, Jay, I don’t want to set them against each other! A conflict of this sort is extremely unproductive for society. It would only waste the energy that could be spent on creation.


Vee: I just want the youth to think with their own heads and not repeat their ancestors’ mistakes, to believe in themselves and know that the future belongs to them; I want them to never stop dreaming and trying to make this world better, no matter what adults and old people say to them; I want the youth to choose not what the older generation is offering them, but what they really want, disregarding traditions and social foundations. I want them to remain themselves and be loyal to themselves and their desires, even if they contradict their elders’ opinion.

Jay: Maybe you should just become their big mama?! (speaks and smiles maliciously) Settle them all in your castle, read them fairy tales at bedtime. If those little demons don’t drive you crazy ahead of your time, of course! (laughs, then a mobile phone rings) Oh-h-h-h, I’ve got to go! Business, business…  Full steam ahead, in search of adventures and towards a new world! (jumps off the couch and heads for the exit, laughing loudly) 

This sociomics has a full version

Gary Nisharg & Y Moon Gary Nisharg & Y Moon

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