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A day in a millionaire’s life. Part 4:  Socialite

A day in a millionaire’s life. Part 4: Socialite

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Oleg Ghor Oleg Ghor

In order to implement his idea, Frank must convince his sister Emily to vote for the establishment of the foundation at the board of directors meeting, However, she is not taken by Frank’s ideas, and he’s got to think of something unusual to persuade her.

Author's message

If you’ve got opportunities, don’t waste them. Making the world better is the most awesome thing you can do in life.


A massive iron gate opened and Frank drove onto the grounds of a huge mansion. He parked the car by the entrance across the fountain. The door to the house was open.

 Frank: Emily, where are you? Hi! I'm here.

Frank found himself in a large hall with a wide staircase to the second floor in the center, and a huge crystal chandelier dangling from the ceiling.

Frank: Emily!

Emily: What's all this screaming?

Emily was coming down the stairs. Apparently, she just came out of the bath, because she was wearing a robe and there was a towel on her head.

Frank: Hey. I'm here to talk to you.

Emily: What about?

Frank: Well, remember, a couple of days ago, I wrote to you...

Emily: Ah, about your project... listen, what happened to you? You burned down your house, broke up with Megan... she's such a good girl. I saw her Instagram.

Frank: It's a long story. How are you doing?

Emily: I'm doing great, as you can see. Let's go into the living room. I'll make us some juice.

There was a huge sofa and armchairs in the living room, which was as huge as the hall. The housekeeper was wiping the dust off the furniture.

Emily: Katie, baby, make us some orange juice.


The housekeeper left, and Emmy dropped into a padded chair. Frank sat down on the couch and began to look around.

Frank: Your new home... it's just decadent.  What was wrong with your old house?

Emily: I'm not going to deny myself anything, unlike you. If I can afford to have two houses, I will. If I get bored with this one — I'll buy myself a third. Frank, since when did you become such a sour-drag and a prude? What happened? Mom says you are living in a small apartment in town. Why all this?

Frank: I don't know... I'm sick of living an empty life. I want more out of life. I want to make this world a better place...

Emily rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Emily: Did you read all sorts of nonsense on the Internet? Or did you become a Buddhist?

Frank: Planning to...

Emily: Come on! (she laughed loudly) The main party animal in town, Frank O'Neil, became a Buddhist! Press is going to have a field day with that. I don't think all this showing off is not for long. You'll get bored with it soon. You've got to have a few screws loose to give up the opportunities you have.


Frank: Exactly. I  have great resources, but I've been using them incorrectly. But now I know exactly what I'm supposed to do. By the way, did you read what I'd sent you?

Emily: About the Foundation, what's the name... yeah, I read it.

Frank: And what do you think?

Emily: Dad says it will hit our company's finances hard, and our bank accounts, too...

Frank: Shit, Emily, I told you not to tell dad! Of course he's against it! He is misleading you on purpose by creating a bankruptcy scare.

Emily: You know, I'm not as dumb as you think I am! Even I realize that giving so much money to an ambiguous cause is insane. Unlike you, I'm not going to give up the lifestyle I love.

Frank: I'm not going to spend this money on an ambiguous cause, but on vital and important things. Emily, the planet is perishing under the onslaught of human stupidity and greed. Our society is being destroyed because of the unwise and unjust distribution of income and resources.


Emily: So, I now have to hand out all my money to the beggars and the underprivileged? I do charity work already. That's sufficient.

Frank: You do charity work because you want to look good in the eyes of your social media audience. I suggest doing more than flashy gifts for orphans in front of the camera.

A housekeeper appeared in the living room holding juice. She put the glasses on the table and left.

Frank: Emily, you know, we're the elite. We should behave accordingly. We need to be the role model for the rest of the people who don't have the opportunities we have. We need to show how these opportunities can be harnessed to make this world a better place.

Emily: What's wrong with my way of life?

Frank: You are living an unreasonably expensive and wasteful life. You spend as much money on one dinner out as the average American makes per month.

Emily: Heyyyy, you haven't dined with me in a while. I can spend a lot more in one night.

Frank: You see? And you're proud of that?

Emily: I want a bright and beautiful life! I don't want to live like the gray mass who go to work all their lives, but can't afford anything!


Frank: It's self-deception, Emily. Your life isn't bright or beautiful. Someone like Nikola Tesla did live a beautiful life. Einstein lived a bright life. Henry Ford and Steve Jobs did, too. Yeah, even the guy who made the freaking plastic bottle recycling plant in his garage lives a brighter and more beautiful life than you!

Emily: If you want to believe that, be my guest. Looks like you've really gone mad. Most people think differently! I have several million subscribers online. How many followers does your half-wit with the plastic bottles have?

Frank: That's what I'm talking about, Emily. That's not normal. And you've got to feel responsible for all this. Who are your subscribers? Young girls. They follow your life, they're interested in you, and that's why you have to set an example for them.

Emily: That's what I'm doing!


Frank: You're setting a bad example. You are showing them that you can go through clothes, cars, homes, doggies and lovers forever. They see all that and think that it's the way life should be lived, that it's the right thing to do. They end up thinking only about money and ways to achieve a life as luxurious as yours. But the truth is, they will never be able to live like this. The system is set up in a way that most of them will never get the opportunities you have.   And they end up losing themselves. Losing their life purpose. Losing the chance to realize themselves in life.

Emily: Well, to be honest, I don't give a damn about them. I'm not interested in what they think, and how it will affect them. These losers really will never be able to live the way I did.

Frank: When your followers get older, they'll hate you. They'll realize that people like you are just parasites sucking on society and siphoning all the juices out of it. Because of people like you, they have to work their asses off at several jobs to afford more or less decent housing and more or less quality food. That being said, most of them benefit the society a lot more than you do, but they don't even have a tiny share of the opportunities you have. Is that fair?



Emily chuckled.

Frank: And all because you're just lucky enough to be born into the family of a freaking billionaire who lets his damn kids spend money they didn't earn.

Emily: Look, your conversations really bore me and kill my mood. Did you come to lecture me on morality?

Frank: I came to ask you to support my project and cast your vote in the shareholder meeting.

Emily: My answer is NO.

Frank: Look, Emily...

Emily:  Idon't want to talk about it anymore!

Frank: Oh, that's how it is, then, right?... Okay... I'm afraid you leave me no choice.

Emily: What are you talking about?

Frank: If you don't support me, I'll tell the press and my parents about your coke habit! We'll see how much the public and dad appreciate it.

Emily: You wouldn't dare...

Frank: Oh yes I would. And I'll put a recording of the conversation we just had online. I recorded it on my phone. (Frank twisted his phone in his hands) Your subscribers deserve to know what you think of them, don't they?


Emily: You wouldn't dare, you bastard!

Frank: I've got a ton of videos of you crawling all over the house on all fours, all smeared in white powder. Remember your birthday two years ago?

Emily: You were there too, idiot!

Frank: Unlike you, I'm willing to repent. And I don't care about my reputation. By the way, do you get your powder the same place where you used to? From Matt, right? Our daddy will be very much interested to know that his daughter has a joint business with a man who trades expensive clothes by day, and delivers drugs to celebrities by night.

Emily: Get out of my house!

Emily jumped up on her feet and pointed towards the hall.

Frank: You've got a few days to think things over. Next week, I intend to convene an unplanned shareholder meeting in regard to creating the Foundation.

Emily: Get out!

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