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Sociomics. Part 8: Unnatural Natural Selection

This sociomics has a full version

Gary Nisharg & Y Moon Gary Nisharg & Y Moon

Sociomics. Part 8: Unnatural Natural Selection

Gary Nisharg & Y Moon Gary Nisharg & Y Moon
Azer Babaev Azer Babaev

See is trying to convince Jay that the idea of the survival of the fittest is meaningless in regard to humanity and is one of the reasons for the injustice that dominates the human society.

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You may not ready for this yet, but your kids will definitely like it…

This sociomics has a full version

Gary Nisharg & Y Moon Gary Nisharg & Y Moon


Vee: (thinks to himself) Must the strong humiliate the weak? Do the fittest survive? Then where does the power lie?

He is at a cinema, looking at the screen. The film is about wildlife – a cheetah catches up with a little antelope and kills it. 

Jay quietly takes a seat next to Vee.

Jay: I see you’re having fun without me? (Jays nods towards the screen) 

Vee: You could say that. I like films and programs about wildlife. I’m always surprised at the harmony and perfection in the structure of the animal world and nature in general. Everything knows its place. Every insect, every leaf. But everything is so difficult and contradictory in the human world.

Jay: (speaks and smiles broadly at the same time) You think too much! And overthinking is bad for you! (sighs and speaks with irony) Humans, humans, humans… The whole world is drowning in shit because of them! Their brains create illusions that are a pain for everyone. (leans closely to Vee and speaks quietly, covering his mouth with his hand) They go bonkers because of the inconsistencies in their understanding of the world.


Jay: On the one hand, they think they’re animals, acting on instincts, on the other hand, they think they are different from bears or hares. (raises his eyebrows in surprise, looking at the floor, and thrusts out his lower lip, then pauses) Because they don’t think at all! (abruptly breaks into laughter) You know, they’re kind of like rats, but then their size isn’t quite right, but they are quite clever. (laughs loudly again) They’re like (speaks with tears in his eyes because of laughter) terrifying, jumbo city rats!

Vee: People really like comparing themselves to animals. And they end up behaving like animals, too. But while it’s normal for quadrupeds, it’s not at all right for the humans. All because they’re taught at school that humans have evolved from monkeys. Do you believe in that?

Jay: Haw-haw-haw! (speaks with an ironic smile) You and I certainly didn’t! (winks at Vee) We’re wolves. We cull the monkeys whenever we get the chance. And there aren’t many of us… (speaks resentfully), there’s really some kind of a shortage!


Vee: It’s strange. People are such contradictory creatures. They emphasize logic, but their conclusions are very often totally illogical. For example, people often say you can’t behave like an animal. We’re people, after all! And at the same time, almost every modern person believes in natural selection in human society –whereas natural selection is only relevant in the animal world. This law of evolution can’t be applied to humans.

Jay: I’m telling you, they’re jumbo rats! (smiles, then grows very serious, which is not typical for him) According to your reasoning, we’ve got a funny thing here. ‘The strongest survives’ doesn’t work for our ‘monkeys’?

Vee: Of course not! Or do you too think that it does?

Jay: (makes a pensive grimace, raises eyes to the ceiling and taps his index finger on his lips, quietly mutters to himself) I thought…. Thought… Thought… (suddenly says) I haven’t thought about that!...



Jay: For example, I didn’t think about how I was going to talk to the mayor of our beloved city. (shrugs, perplexed) And everything worked out spontaneously, intuitively… Bang-bang, and he was done! Such a sensitive person, just like myself, he lives through his heart and intuition. (a smile spreads on his face)

Vee: My God, Jay, you’re a potential Darwinist! (laughs) You automatically assume that people must fight to survive and tear each other apart for a chunk of bread!

Jay: Whoa!!! (raises his hands) But it’s always fun, though (laughs loudly)!

Vee: I think that the idea that the fittest survives, the struggle for survival and all that are pretty much the key reasons for all the troubles in society. These ideas make people see one another as rivals and enemies, rather than comrades. These ideas fill people up with cruelty and hate. In his struggle for a place under the sun, the human truly stops being human and turns into a wild animal.



Vee: Those ‘wild animals’ live in their ‘jungles’ that they call cities. There are very specific laws of survival there, which they teach to their offspring. These mad thoughts soon kill off the last bits of reason in a person, and he starts fighting for his life not only against other humans, but against animals and nature, as well. The human takes their habitat away from them, cuts down forests, pollutes the oceans. He declares war against all living things on the planet since all he thinks about is how to survive. That’s what all these ideas lead to.

Jay: Tsk-tsk-tsk… (waves his index finger from side to side) Tell me, you ‘city rat’ lover, how are they going to evolve if there is no competition? Eh?!

Vee: Competition and struggle for survival are different things. Competition is when you’re trying to do something better than another person. And struggle for survival is everybody’s war for a place in the sun. This struggle does take place in the animal world, but it’s required there in order to keep the entire ecosystem in balance...


Vee: ... and besides, animals don’t think about it. They just act in accordance with their instincts. But people do think about it, they ponder over it. And in people’s minds the idea of the survival of the fittest ends up assuming perverted, unhealthy and very dangerous forms. Isn’t the genocide of Jews during the Second World War a triumph of the law of survival of the fittest? Isn’t soldiers executing civilians by a firing squad perfect proof that this law works? And what do you think of the way this law manifests itself at fur factories, where the stronger keep the weaker in cages all their lives and then skin them alive?

Jay: Heh-heh-heh… (suddenly springs out of the armchair and stands opposite Vee) Excellent… Excellent… You got me! 1-0, you are up one. (smiles and holds out his hand to Vee for him to shake it)

A short pause after the fervent handshake.


Vee:  We have to understand that people aren’t animals. People are at a different stage of consciousness. Unlike animals, people are all very different. It’s very hard to compare them using a single characteristic. That’s why the idea that the strongest survive makes no sense for human society. So where does the power lie?

Jay: In the muscles! (raises his hand and tries to feel his biceps) Damn, I need to tie a weight to my gun to bulk up my arms! 

Vee: (grins) We can’t define the trait that allows humanity to survive. Everybody is very different. And people can’t be measured against a single standard.

Jay: They don’t know any different! I saw a clever meme - a fish in a fishbowl, a monkey, a hippo and some other animal are getting tested on an exam, and the examiner says that the one who’ll climb up the tree the fastest will win. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...

Vee: That’s a good joke. Right on the mark! People have to understand that the notions of ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ in the context of human society are extremely relative. One person is strong physically, another – mentally or emotionally. One person is a great dancer, another – a great painter...


Vee: Lack of understanding of these simple truths leads to a catastrophe and social injustice where the stronger always humiliate the weaker.

Jay: N-o-o-o-o! You don’t understand! It’s not a catastrophe! It’s a paradise for fun! (laughs loudly) Yes, yes, yes… Brute physical strength rules the world! And that suits me just fine! (continues laughing)

Vee: Real troubles await humanity, unless it modifies its values. You see, people got it into their heads that they’re stronger than nature. And they treat it just like they treat one another. They try to humiliate it. Nature puts up with it for now, since it has no such idiotic principles.  Although it can annihilate all of humanity as easily as you can kill a mosquito on your hand. And if people don’t come to their senses, nature will have to defend itself. That’s when a global disaster is bound to happen.

Jay: (shakes his fist in the air and speaks maliciously) Be afraid, you sons of bitches, your notions are about to be replaced! We’ll cut out your brains with all the shit they contain and pour some truth serum into your scull caps!


Vee: First, people have to learn to respect one another. Second, the idea that ‘the fittest survive’ can be replaced with ‘the wisest survives’. And its wisdom is that the strong won’t humiliate the weak, but help them get stronger. Instead of fighting one another, we should propose cooperation to people. It’s so simple and logical. If we replace fighting with cooperation, then everybody will be able to prosper and be happy. And there’s no need to humiliate and destroy one another for a place in the sun. There’ll be enough sun for everybody!

Jay: (talks, with his head slightly raised) Nope. There won’t be.  There’s a lot of sunlight, but there also are quite a few people! (puts one of his hands under his head and lifts a finger on the second one)  Way too many… Just an incredible number! Their proliferation has to be constantly suppressed! After all, they’re rats and follow rat instincts, not human ones! They’ll breed until they’re blue in the face! (laughs loudly) You and I, Vee, won’t be enough for everybody…  We’re very fucking special! (reclines in the armchair and chuckles) 


Jay: There are lots of herbivores. They consume all their food uncontrollably. More predators come about to balance out this process. But you can’t clone the two of us. But on the other hand, what a great chance to be creative – you’ve got your sphere, and I’ve got mine! Great! (starts laughing)

Vee: (is silent for a long time, pondering Jay’s words) You’re right, there are more and more people on the planet every year. And there are fewer and fewer resources. Now is the perfect time for people to combine their efforts to resolve the problems facing all of humanity and stop wasting energy on fighting one another. And it’s not just a plea, it’s wisdom that has to be entrenched in the childrearing system. Since childhood, kids are taught that people are essentially enemies and rivals. We have to eradicate those ideas of natural selection in human society, in the education and childrearing system. 


Jay: My wisdom would surely help! Then let’s introduce the idea of unnatural selection! Eh?!

Vee: No, my friend! These ideas have no place in human society (gets up from the armchair, but Jay stops him)

Jay: (lies in the armchair with a content look on his face) I like all the squabble around here! I don’t feel like a lonely psychopath among these brainless half-wits. On the contrary, I feel like a superhero! (chuckles) War, genocide… They’ve learned to control themselves, it’s just that they don’t even suspect… unconsciously, so to speak! (suddenly exclaims) How brilliant! It’s not very effective, but always fun, though! (guffaws loudly) 


Vee: Don’t you worry. Very soon the society will become smarter and wiser, and people will figure out that they have to control their population themselves, voluntarily.

Content, Vee stands up and leaves, ignoring the fact that Jay still has something to say.

Jay: (looks at departing Vee with confusion, left all alone) Er… (turns away from departing Vee and continues the conversation, but without him) Ha, what a fool! That sodding humanist doesn’t understand the entire tragedy of the situation. Why? Hmm… What the hell? It’s as clear as day! There are just too many of them! (waves his index finger to himself) Too many! It’s one thing to graze 10 sheep and entirely different – to graze 10 000! The difference is obvious! But, no… Of course not! You can’t leave out my unnatural selection method! You’ll have to accept the fact that I’m right! There’s no way around it!

Laying in the armchair, Jay jerks his leg. After a minute of silence, he breaks into long and hysterical laughter.

This sociomics has a full version

Gary Nisharg & Y Moon Gary Nisharg & Y Moon

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