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The True  American. Part 5: The chiefs

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The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

The True American. Part 5: The chiefs

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Azer Babaev Azer Babaev

Peter tells the American chiefs about the conspiracy and the sting operation that should launch the intercontinental war. The chiefs propose that he leads the mission against this conspiracy and give him the most powerful weapon that they have.

Author's message

Our world would become a lot better if it absorbed at least some of Native American culture and philosophy.

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg


A few days later, Peter was invited to the House of Chiefs. The House of Chiefs is something like the White House in Washington or the Kremlin in Moscow. It's where the chiefs gather to discuss and resolve important state issues. All of America is divided into Lands. Each Land elects a Chief who represents the interests of that Land in the House of Chiefs. It's somewhat similar to a parliament. Only in the House of Chiefs decisions are made unanimously, rather than by a majority vote. In general, leaders in America are elected and important public decisions are always made unanimously.

As usual, the chiefs gathered in a room that resembled a huge wigwam. They settled in a circle in several rows. Peter sat in the front row. A leader named Falcon Eye raised his hand and addressed Peter.

Falcon Eye: Peter Saul, I welcome you to the House of Chiefs. My name is Falcon Eye and I will preside over today's emergency meeting. Someone named Wave Glider told us that you have exceptionally important information for us. Please speak, we're listening carefully.

Peter decided not to beat around the bush, and moved on to the most important issue at once.


Peter: Distinguished chiefs, I have reliable information that the United States and its allies are preparing for a nuclear war with America.

Strangely enough, his words did not have a bombshell effect. After he was finished, the leaders began to quietly and peacefully exchange short phrases with each other. Peter even thought they simply didn't hear what he'd told them. So, after waiting a bit, he decided to continue.

Peter: Distinguished chiefs, in order to substantiate my words, I will now tell you about the meeting I attended last week at the White House. I would also like to share with you my own thoughts and conclusions, which I have made on the basis of the information I possess.

In 15 minutes, Peter presented his version of ongoing and upcoming events. The chiefs listened very carefully without interrupting. And when he finished, they began to talk quietly again, occasionally turning to Peter and asking him some questions. Then Falcon Eye spoke again.

Falcon Eye: Peter Saul, we thank you for your courageous and selfless act.


Falcon Eye: I'm sure you're aware of the consequences it will bring upon you personally. Not only is your career in jeopardy, but so is your life. My brothers and I are wondering why you did this? Why did you come to us today?

Peter: I did it because I wanted to. I am deeply convinced that the system of values and the social order that rules the Old World today has long outlived itself. Not only does it inhibit all humanity, but it also threatens all life on earth. And oddly enough, people are ready for change. But those who are at the wheel of this system do not want to lose their power and might. Which is why they will fight against any and all evolution with all they've got. When I came to America and personally experienced your way of life and your values, I realized that this is the future of all mankind. It's the only way out of the catastrophic situation in which most people on the planet find themselves today. When I found out that someone wants to take this escape route away from people and deprive them of that future, I didn't take me long to make the right decision. And most importantly, as true Americans say, that's what my heart wants.



Falcon Eye: You're right about that, Peter Saul. The human brain can be fooled, confused and deceived. But the heart can't be fooled. What are you going to do next, Peter Saul?

Peter: I will do everything I can to prevent this disaster. But I have limited capabilities. I'm just an ambassador.  And at this point – probably a former ambassador already. I'm more interested in what the chiefs intend to do? As you understand, the situation is critical. The war could start very soon.

There was a little pause. Once again, the chiefs began to quietly and calmly confer. Then Falcon Eye continued:

Falcon Eye: You're greatly underestimating your capabilities, Peter Saul. We think you're the one who needs to find a way out of this situation.

Peter: I, but...? (Peter was rendered speechless by this turn of events)

Falcon Eye: It's you, Peter Saul.

Peter: But how? I don't even know where to start...

Falcon Eye: We're sure you know exactly what you need to do. You just haven't realized it yet. And we will certainly help you, Peter Saul.


Falcon Eye: The truth is, we're not very surprised or upset about what you have told us today. Sooner or later, we expected such actions on the part of our overseas brethren. And to some extent it even benefits us. They will only accelerate their end with their actions and open the way for a new future for all mankind and the entire planet. So what happened is actually good for all of us and we are grateful for it.

Peter: But how are you going to defend yourself against nuclear weapons? Do you have the technology needed for that?

Falcon Eye: I hope we don't need it. (One of the chiefs who sat next to the Falcon Eye leaned towards him and said something quietly) We're convinced you can complete your mission, Peter Saul. For that purpose, we'll give you our best warrior. You will gain confidence with him, and together you will fulfill your mission.

Peter never showed up at the U.S. Embassy. He simply disappeared, and no one knew what happened to him. While the intelligence service agents questioned embassy staff about Peter, he was on his way to the very heart of America on a high-speed train to meet with the best American warrior.


Peter thought he was going to some ultra-modern and secret military base, but found himself on a regular residential street on the outskirts of a small town. Just as in any other American settlement, there was a lot of greenery, and the buildings' architecture blended harmoniously with the natural landscape.

After finding the right house, Peter stopped and looked around. There was a large beautiful garden in front of him, with a house in the back. A man was kneeling in the garden, fumbling about in the ground. Peter went down the path. The man in the garden seemed to be very passionate about his work and didn't notice Peter approaching him from behind.  Peter has already opened his mouth to say hello, but the man suddenly began to speak first, without turning around, as he continued to tinker with the ground.

Black Bull:  You must be Peter Saul, right? It's a pleasure. I've been waiting for you.

Peter: Uh... nice to meet you, so I guess you are Black Bull?

Black Bull: I am.

For a few seconds, Peter was confused, not knowing what to say next. Meanwhile, Black Bull had finished his work. He rose from his knees, shook off and turned to face Peter. He was young, tall and had long black hair. He looked at Peter closely.


Black Bull:  You must be tired after your journey, Peter Saul, and you're probably hungry. Let's go to my house, I'll make dinner. Sharing a meal is a good way to get acquainted.

Black Bull led Peter under a canopy by the house, with a summer kitchen right outside. He sat Peter down in a wooden chair, and started to cook. Peter looked around with interest.

Peter: You have a beautiful garden and house, Black Bull.

Black Bull:  Thank you. You were probably expecting something different, weren't you?

Peter: Maybe... but I'm used to being surprised since I started living in America. It's probably a stereotype, but I thought I was going to a meeting with the military, before I found myself in this beautiful garden.

Black Bull:  Why did you think you were going to the military?

Peter: The chiefs told me I had to meet with a warrior.

Black Bull:  I get it. Warriors and the military are somewhat different, Peter Saul. The military is really an army. They are great guys, professional soldiers and know their business well. Warriors are a bit different. A warrior is not the one who goes to war. A true warrior is the one who sacrifices himself for the sake of others.


Black Bull:  The path of the warrior is thorny and unpredictable, it requires great willpower and deep awareness of reality. Well, dinner is ready. Peter Saul, please join me at the table.

Peter and Black Bull made themselves comfortable on the grass and began to eat. During their meal Peter told him everything he knew.

Black Bull:  So you think they're preparing a provocation. Why did you think it will be a tsunami and a big city like New York?

Peter: That's just my argument. I just thought that by blowing up a thermonuclear charge underwater and organizing a giant tsunami, it would be easier to conceal the tracks and accuse Americans of using climate weapons.

Black Bull:  Hmm, I wonder... if I were them, I would have done the same thing. Okay, let this be our working theory. So, let's see what we've got. The US government, with the support of the global elite, secretly wants to detonate a bomb off the coast of New York to destroy the city with a giant tsunami and accuse America of it.

Peter: Wait, wait, Black Bull, it's just my speculation. There is no proof. Maybe they'll come up with another way to carry out this provocation. Maybe they'll knock down a plane, or sink a tourist ship. They have a lot of options.



Black Bull:  No, they don't have any other options! I like your New York tsunami hypothesis. That's what we'll go with. Besides, it's enough for us to begin to act.

Peter: To act? Do you already have a plan?

Black Bull:  No. I thought you had a plan.

Peter: I don't have a plan. I just wanted to warn you of the danger so that your chiefs take the necessary measures.

Black Bull:  That's very strange. (Black Bull pretended to think) They wrote to me that you know what to do.

There was a little pause that Peter interrupted.

Peter: Well, I do have thoughts on that. But I don't know whether they are correct.

Black Bull:  I'm listening to you very carefully.


Peter: Basically, we need to expose this conspiracy. To do this, you need to first prevent the provocation, collect the needed evidence, and then let people know about it - in the USA, Europe, basically, all around the world, through independent media and the Internet.

Black Bull:  Great plan, Peter Saul. I'll go pack my things.

Peter:Are we going somewhere right now, just like this?

Black Bull:  Let's go into town. We need to get you an American passport quickly. And tomorrow morning, we'll go to the United States.

Peter: Just like that? We'll just up and go to the United States?

Black Bull:  Yeah. And what's so complicated about that? Oh, by the way, have you ever thought about your own Indian name? You need to change your name for the passport.

Peter: No. But my girlfriend sometimes calls me Twilight Cat, because I get home late from work.

Black Bull:  Great, Twilight Cat. From now on, I'll only call you that, if you don't mind.

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

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