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The True American. Part 6: Across the ocean

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

The True American. Part 6: Across the ocean

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Azer Babaev Azer Babaev

Peter and Black Bull fly to the USA in order to prevent the horrible act of incitement and expose the conspiracy against Native Americans and all humanity.

Author's message

Our world would become a lot better if it absorbed at least some of Native American culture and philosophy.

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg


The next morning, Peter and Black Bull were already at the Manhattan Airport. They sat down in a cafe and to have breakfast.

Black Bull:  What do you think of your new look, Twilight Cat?

Peter: I'm not entirely used to it. I usually wear a formal business suit. But I like my new clothes. They are very comfortable, practical and fashionable. Only the hair bothers me a bit. (Peter ran his hand over the long black hair of his wig) Are you sure it looks natural?

Black Bull:  This wig was made by experienced people. The hair looks very natural.

Peter: Why are we going specifically to Washington? Shouldn't we be going to New York?

Black Bull:  In order to get help in exposing the conspiracy. While you were getting your new image, I turned to my brothers from intelligence services. They're setting up a meeting with the opposition for us in Washington.

Peter: Democrats?

Black Bull:  Yes, a Democratic Senator is coming to the meeting.

Peter: Are we going to tell him about the conspiracy?

Black Bull: Of course we are. And he'll help us publish this information about the conspiracy in the media .

Peter: And it will eventually help them to come to power. One group of liars will replace another.

Black Bull:  Do you have any other options?


Peter: Maybe I do. Anyway, your government should have them. For the last ten years, you have been actively promoting your worldview among the population of the Old World. You have a lot of fans in the USA, Europe and Asia. Maybe they would be ready to unite in a political force?

Black Bull:  Maybe they are ready. But they need a leader.

Peter:  Do you have any candidates?

Black Bull:  Yes, I do. One. But he doesn't know about it yet.

Peter:  In order to defeat the system, you need more than people.

Black Bull:  What do you mean when you say “system”?

Peter: I mean the complex pattern of interaction between transnational corporations, governments, banking and financial systems, media, international organizations and much more. 

Black Bull:  You didn't say the most important thing.

Peter: What exactly?

Black Bull:  The most important thing in the system is people. People are the substance from which the system is made. They are its flesh. And the worldview is its form. It's the DNA of the system. In order to change the system, you need to change the people and their worldview.


Peter: You're right. But no one will let you change the people. Governments, corporations, banks, the military won't allow it. They will protect the DNA of their system at all costs.

A boarding announcement for their Washington flight came on. Peter and Black Bull finished breakfast and went to their gate.

In the plane a man sat down next to them. He dropped down in the next chair over, and said:

Ben: To hell with this America. I'm finally going home. (He looked at his neighbors, but was not a bit embarrassed. Looked like he was a bit drunk) Gentlemen, pardon me, do you speak English?

Peter wanted to answer something, but Black Bull got ahead of him.

Black Bull:  Yes, brother, we do.

Ben: You've got to forgive me, I, eh... had a couple of drinks before the flight. I don't like planes and all that. I've traveled around your country for two weeks. It's really beautiful. But I almost starved to death here, he-he. I heard Native Americans were the best hunters in the world, but I couldn't find a place to get myself a good chop. There's no cheese either.  Not even milk! I swear to God, when we land in Washington, first thing I do is go to a restaurant and get a juicy steak!


Black Bull:   In America, meat is eaten only during big holidays twice a year.

Ben: Really? But why?

Black Bull:  My people believe that we should not keep animals in captivity, so we do not engage in animal farming. Just like people, animals should be free. This freedom is given to all creatures living on the planet by nature itself, the mother Earth, and we have no right to dispose of this freedom. Every living organism on earth is sacred to us.

Ben: But, nevertheless, sometimes you do kill animals - during holidays.

Black Bull:  Yes. Sometimes we do hunt them. Hunting is a natural process that takes place in nature. Predators hunt other animals. We do the same thing. We do not keep the animals captive, do not humiliate their dignity. The animal dies in an equal battle. It's free to escape or be killed.

Ben: But it has no chance with modern weapons.

Black Bull:  That's why we hunt just like our ancestors — with a bow and arrows. And after every killing, we apologize to the animal for taking his life.


Ben: But why not hunt them more often then, not just on holidays?

Black Bull:  Because there are too many people. If we hunt every day, we'll kill all the game very quickly. Then predators will be left without food and die out. Our forests and fields will quickly grow desolate and turn into lifeless wastelands. For us, hunting is more a tribute to tradition today, not a source of food. That's why we only engage in it twice a year.

Ben: You, I must say, are very interesting people. I'm serious! During my trip to America, I saw a lot of amusing and unusual things. I saw how you say goodbye to the dead, how Americans elect a chief. I even talked to shamans. But... (he leaned closer to Black Bull), I will be frank with you, in the Old World Americans are considered conceited and arrogant fools (he laughed). By the people of my generation, those over 40, anyway. And I really did feel that some Americans look at me with disdain here in America, or maybe even with condemnation. Yeah, nobody hurt me, everybody smiled at me... but I felt it anyway. Tell me, no offense or anything, I'm just wondering - do you really think you're better than us?


Black Bull:  What's your name, brother?

Ben: Ben, and yours?

Black Bull:  My name is Black Bull. Ben, you have to understand that there are different people in America, just like in the rest of the world. With different characters and different opinions. I know there are people in the USA and Europe who think that white people are better than black. Some 70 years ago black people were considered second-rate people in the USA. Many of my brothers do condemn the way people from the Old World behave towards Mother Earth, nature, animals and other people. Much of what you do is blasphemy for us. Also, let's not forget historic events. When Columbus discovered America, white people began to populate our lands on a massive scale. At first, my ancestors saw them as gods and willingly cooperated with them. But a bit later, when they got to know people from across the ocean, when they saw their barbaric attitude to nature, cruelty and greed, when people from the Old World began to ruthlessly exterminate Native Americans, massacring entire villages, killing women and children, they changed their attitude towards them. As you may know, the aggression of the white people led to the unification of all Native Americans in the Americas into one whole. They created their own state and expelled foreigners back across the ocean.


Ben: But that was almost 500 years ago. At that time, the world was indeed harsh and ruthless. And then democracy was established in the Old World. And everything changed for the better.

Black Bull:  Do you think so? Many Americans believe that nothing has changed in the Old World. And democracy is an illusion in which people blindly believe.

Ben: What do you personally think?

Black Bull:  I think that humanity and all life on Earth are in great danger right now. And all the people on the planet must come together to prevent the catastrophe from happening.

The stewardess announced that the plane is ready for takeoff. Ben took a little flask out of his pocket and took a few sips.

Ben: Black Bull, thank you for the frank conversation. You know, right now I don't feel that you're looking down at me (he grinned). How long are you going to stay in Washington?

Black Bull:  A couple of weeks.

Ben: Going for Independence Day celebrations? Washington will be beautiful on these days. It's the best time to visit the city.



Black Bull:  No, I'm going on business. But I will enjoy seeing the city during the holidays.

Ben drained his flask to the end shortly after takeoff and fell asleep. Peter and Black Bull were talking quietly.

Peter:  Now we know when they want to... detonate the bomb. (Peter said the last two words very quietly) I couldn't fit it all together in my head, New York means Wall Street, it's where the entire financial elite in the United States is. They wouldn't kill their friends. If they had warned everyone, it would have aroused suspicion. So most of them will leave the city for the  Independence Day weekend. They'll survive, and ordinary people will die.

Black Bull:  We only have a week to prevent this from happening.

Meeting with opposition was supposed to be held at the hotel where Peter and Black Bull were staying. When they went down to a small conference room at noon on the next day, the senator was waiting for them. Black Bull entered the room last and locked the door behind him.

Peter: Good afternoon, Senator Brody. Thank you for responding to our request for a meeting. My name is Peter Saul. As you know, I'm an ambassador, uh... former U.S. Ambassador to America. With your permission, I'll proceed straight to the point.


Peter: Just a few days ago, I received information that the top officials of the US government and the European Union are preparing a monstrous provocation that they want to use to kindle a large-scale war with America...

The senator listened carefully to Peter's story. Then he lit a cigar.

Senator Brody: Where did you get that information?

Peter:  I attended a private meeting at the White House. With the president, ministers and heads of intelligence services.

Senator Brody: That's a very serious accusation, Mr. Saul. (He stopped to take a drag) Destroying New York is certainly insane. I wouldn't believe you, but my sources have also been recently reporting unusual activity of intelligence services and the presidential administration. We knew that something large-scale and important was underway, but we couldn't even imagine that the president could make a decision of this sort...

Peter: I intend to prevent this provocation and uncover the monstrous conspiracy. I need your help. When I gather the necessary evidence, I want you to make it public and make sure that all the conspirators are punished.



Senator Brody: You do realize that this is essentially a coup d'état, right? We won't only have to replace the president, it'll be almost the entire government, including intelligence services.

Peter: All the more so. This is a great chance for you to seize power from the Republicans.

The senator nodded his head and released a thick puff of smoke.

Senator Brody: Alright, I'll help you.  Are there any other conditions? What do you want for yourself? What position?

Peter: Position? I didn't even think about that... (Peter was perplexed)

Black Bull, who stood behind Peter's back before, came closer.

Black Bull: What are you going to do when you come to power?

Senator Brody: Excuse me? (Senator gave Peter a questioning look)

Peter: This is Black Bull. He represents the interests of the entire American people.

Senator Brody: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought he was your personal bodyguard. (he puffed on his cigar and looked closely at the Black Bull) It's a rhetorical question - what we will do when we come to power. What exactly are you interested in? Our relationship with America?


Black Bull: I'm more interested in how you will solve the problems that plague all of the Old World. Presidents will retire, the government will change, but the problems will remain in place. Your colleagues were ready to launch a nuclear war to solve these problems. What do you suggest?

The senator slowly took another long puff and sighed.

Senator Brody: Crises come and go. And humanity continues to survive... Somehow we will deal with the current crisis. Why does it bother you so much? America is doing just great.

Black Bull: We are concerned not only about our brothers from the Old World, but also about the entire planet. The planet is our mother. We can't wait around and watch you kill it. You believe you have received your land from your ancestors. We Americans understand that we are borrowing it from our children and descendants. Today's crisis is not an ordinary one. It could be humanity's last.

Senator Brody: Everyone is free to have their own point of view. We think differently in the Old World. You Americans would certainly like everyone to think like you. You like to speak beautiful words about mother nature and sacred animals. But we think differently. We have our own culture and life values.


Black Bull: These life values have led the civilization to a catastrophe.

Senator Brody: This is a philosophical question — have they or haven't they led it there. You Americans sure love your philosophy, don't you? (he laughed, and then puffed on his cigar again) But I have to give you credit - you perfectly understand how to sell it. Our youth appreciates it.

Black Bull: We never sold our life wisdom. But we believe that its spread among your youth may be a possible way out of the crisis.

Senator Brody: Mr. Saul, (the senator turned to Peter) do you believe that as well?

Peter: I think that the solution to the real crisis cannot be found in the material sphere. It's a spiritual crisis. Therefore, the solution must be sought in the spiritual sphere.

Senator Brody: So what do you want me to do? Should we all smoke calumets of peace, live in wigwams and pray whenever we eat a beef burger?

Black Bull stared at the senator, stone-faced.

Black Bull: Senator, you don't have to exaggerate and clown around here. You only have to ensure a leap in your society's spiritual development. It should have been done a very long time ago, but the greed and stupidity of your elite has always prevented that.


Senator Brody: What do you mean?

Black Bull: In the sense that if you propel society in its spiritual development, you are likely to lose all the tools with which you can manipulate and control it. I'm sure you understand that perfectly. You're an experienced politician.

The senator leaned down to the table and put his cigar out in the ashtray.

Senator Brody: Let me ask you, then, how should we control the society?

Black Bull: It doesn't have to be controlled. Spiritually developed people do not need to be governed from the outside. They can organize themselves. They do not need to be taught certain models of behavior and values since childhood. They will choose their own values and create their own behavior patterns based on their own desires. You won't have to accustom them to unrestrained consumption, so you can then control them through the economy. You won't have to force them to believe in and strive for the star-spangled dream so that they would work. They will decide how, where and how much to work - or not to work at all.


Senator Brody: I didn't know there was so much propaganda in America. Do you believe in all this nonsense?

Black Bull did not pay attention to the senator's biting words and continued.

Black Bull: I'm sure there's only one thing that scares you in this. You are afraid that you won't be needed in the new society and will thus lose all your power.

Peter realized that emotions were running high, and decided to end the conversation as soon as possible.

Peter: Senator, Black Bull, let's save this subject for later. Now we need to focus on the current task. Senator, I hope we have a deal. We will prevent this provocation, collect evidence, and you will help make it public. Not only in the USA, but in Europe, too. All over the world. I'm sure you have all the needed connections. Let's finish here.


to be continued ...

This sociomics has a full version

The True American
The True American
Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg

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