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Evolution. Part 1: Brotherhood of Observers

Evolution. Part 1: Brotherhood of Observers

Gary Nisharg Gary Nisharg
Pavel Mikhalcev Pavel Mikhalcev

The person who told Bill about the emergence of a new Homo species had disappeared. Bill is forced to hide out in Mexico from CIA agents. When he gets back from the store, he finds the mysterious woman at his place, and she wants to share very important information with him.

Author's message

Homo Intellexit are the future.


Bill came back from the store. He shut the door and went into the kitchen with the grocery bags.

Migina:  Hello Bill!

Startled, Bill dropped the packages to the floor. An unfamiliar tall young woman stood by the window.

Bill: Who are you? What are you doing here? (Bill tensed up to be prepared for any scenario)

Migina: Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, Bill. My name is Migina. I’m a colleague of Sam’s.

Bill: Sorry, but I don’t know any Sam. Maybe you’ve got the wrong apartment? (Bill looked suspiciously at the stranger)

Migina: I am aware of your business with him. You are the same brilliant scientist who created an artificial virus that is bound to kill all people on planet Earth. A month ago, you let your virus out at all major airports in the world, so that it would spread to all corners of the planet and infect every person.  Sam managed to convince you to abandon this venture and begin to cooperate with us. That’s why you didn’t activate the virus and people on the planet are still alive.

Bill shifted from foot to foot.

Bill: Are you an agent of the world government, like Sam?


Migina: Not. Neither I nor Sam are agents of the world government. Bill, Sam misled you a bit, because he couldn’t tell you the entire truth right away. You would never believe him and would not cooperate with him.

Bill once again looked at Migina.

Bill: Can I sit down? Seems to me that this will be a long conversation.

Migina: Yes, indeed, but not in here. It’s better for us to leave this place as soon as possible, since the agents of the real world government can appear here at any moment and grab you. I have to make sure you are safe.

Bill: Sam also promised me to make sure I was. Three days ago, he disappeared without saying anything to me. Just halted all contacts, and that was it.

Migina: Sam was seized the day before yesterday. And all the people from the Brotherhood were also taken.  The members of the Brotherhood of Observers are valiant warriors, but torture will force anyone to speak. The agents of the world government most likely know about your whereabouts already.

Bill: Brotherhood? What are you talking about?

Migina: There is a time for everything, Bill. I promise you that I will tell you everything a little later. Now we need ...



Migina did not have the time to finish. The doorbell rang.

Migina: Are you expecting anyone?

Bill shook his head. Migina put a finger to her lips and quietly went up to the front door. She looked through the peephole, then returned to Bill.

Migina: (very quietly) It's the Mexican police. They are here for you. Open the door and invite them into the room.

The doorbell rang once again. Bill froze in hesitation.

Migina: Bill, please trust me. Everything will be fine.

Bill sighed and went to open the door, and Migina hid behind a kitchen wall cabinet. Bill opened the door and saw two men at the entrance.

Bill: Hi, how can I help you?

One of the men took an ID out of his pocket and showed it to Bill.

Policeman: (with an accent) Mexico City Police. Can we speak inside?

Bill: Yes, of course, come in. Come in, gentlemen. (Bill closed the door behind the guests and escorted them into the living room) Would you like some tea?

Policeman: No, thank you. Are you Bill Knight?

Bill: Yes, I am.

Policeman: Sir, I’ll ask you to come to the station with us. Take your passport with you.


Bill: To the station? And why, may I ask?

Policeman: They'll explain everything to you at the station. Sir, get your things, and don’t do anything stupid, please.

Bill looked at the cops, puzzled. That's when Migina leaped silently out of the kitchen. A lightning-fast blow to the base of the skull – and the first cop dropped to the floor like a bag of potatoes. The second didn’t even have the time to understand what has happened. A moment later, he was lying unconscious next to his partner. Migina leaned over the cops and began to search them.

Migina: We need transportation to get out of the city, fast. (Migina pulled out the keys to the police car and shoved them in her pocket). Alright, Bill, do you have any scotch tape? We need to tie these two up.

Ten minutes later they were already outside in search of a police car.

Bill: That Chevy. It's got a blinker behind the windshield.

Migina went up to the car swiftly, opened the door and took the driver's seat. Bill sat next to her, on the passenger side.

Migina: The last time I drove a car like this was 3 years ago. I hope that I haven't forgotten how to drive (she turned the ignition key and the car started). We don't have much time. I think that getting out of the city will be much faster with a police blinker.


Migina took the blinker and put it on the car roof.

Migina: Hold on now, Bill!

The car darted off to the sound of a police siren and screeching tires. After an hour-long wild race through the streets of Mexico City, Migina and Bill finally got out of the city onto the highway and drove north.

Bill: Now that we are safe, can you tell me what’s going on?

Migina: We're not safe as long as we're driving a police car. And you won't be safe any time soon.

Bill: I figured that out already. You wanted to tell me about some... brotherhood?

Migina: Yes. To be honest, I don’t even know where to start. Bill, I flew here from another planet.

Bill: Are you kidding me?

Migina: I know what you are thinking. It really does sound ridiculous, but that's the way it is. I arrived from another stellar system, which has a planet very similar to Earth. And people live on it, too. Almost the same people as here on Earth.

Bill stared at Migina with his mouth open.


Migina: I knew that you wouldn't believe me (she hit the brakes hard and stopped on the curb). I’ve got a communicator. This is something like your mobile phone or computer (Migina showed Bill a device that looked like a wristwatch, which she wore on her left wrist). Look here. I will show you my planet.

Migina touched the communicator and a holographic image appeared right in the air. She began to slide her fingers on the holographic screen.

Migina: This is my city. This is my house. And this is the spaceport...

Several minutes later, Bill leaned back and sighed.

Bill: What you showed and told me is really incredible. I am almost certain that there are no technologies like your communicator on Earth yet. But all your photos can easily be faked. I don’t know what to think of all this!

Migina: Let me finish my story, Bill. It will help all the information fall into place. And then you can decide whether to believe me or not. Agreed?

Bill: This is the only thing left in this situation. I'm all ears.


Migina: (turning off the communicator) Not here. We need to get rid of this car. There is a diner and a gas station up ahead. We’ll hide the car behind those bushes, so that it cannot be seen from the road. And then let's go have lunch at the diner and find another means of transportation.

And that's what they did. Half an hour later they were already sitting in a roadside diner.

Bill: You intrigued me, Migina. I am really looking forward to hearing your story. I have a feeling that your story is related to what Sam told me.

Migina: Oh, what did he tell you?

Bill: He told me that there are not one, but two kinds of people now on planet Earth. Official science only knows one type of people who live on our planet today – the Sapiens. So in order for you not to get confused with all these scientific terms, let me say that Homo is the name of our biological genus, that is, the genus of people. People are Homo. But earlier, in antiquity, there were other types of Homo. For example, Neanderthals and Australopithecus. These species of Homo have long died out and now the Sapiens species, the Homo Sapiens lives on the planet. Are we clear for now?

Migina: Yes, it’s clear, please go on.


Bill: Well, Sam pointed out to me that evolution is never at a standstill, and the human Homo race continues to evolve. And another Homo species has appeared on the planet today - the Homo Intellexit. It's the next stage of human development. Just like the Sapiens species appeared a couple hundred thousand years ago the next species, the Intellexit, emerged now.

Migina: All right. And how do you like this theory?

Bill: It has really interested me. Last month I really dove into researching this issue. And I must admit, I am amazed that I myself could not see such obvious things. I was more focused on other stuff. I was very disappointed with human civilization, people's way of life and their worldviews. I understood that everything was heading for a global catastrophe. I looked at people and did not see anything good in them - only stupidity, greed, vanity, anger and hatred. And I couldn't find any other solution than to destroy humanity and save the planet. But Sam opened my eyes, and I saw everything. Now I know that people have a chance.



Migina:  Excellent! Then you’ll easily understand what I have to tell you now. About 1500 years ago the planet I arrived from was very similar to your Earth today. Homo Sapiens lived on it. My ancestors almost destroyed the planet's entire biosphere by rampant consumption and endless wars for resources and a better life. Our civilization was also on the verge of a global catastrophe, which was supposed to destroy not only all the people, but also all life on the planet. It was during that period that new people began to appear. Guess who?

Bill: Yes, I figured. Homo Intellexit?

Migina: Right!

Bill: Migina, sorry for being a bore, but I would like to clarify something right now. The fact is that when I studied this issue, I realized that Homo Intellexit appeared on our planet a very long time ago. The evolution of the human race is ongoing. Therefore, I can argue that Homo Intellexit were already around as early as in the Middle Ages. There were very few of them, and most ended their lives in prison or were burned at the stake by the Inquisition. It's just that now, the number of Homo Intellexit has increased dramatically and we can speak of a whole population of them. I want to say that the emergence of a new species of Homo was stretched out in time.


Migina: Yes, you are right. Indeed, it was. Once the number of Homo Intellexit on my planet exceeded a certain value, and their presence became an obvious fact.  But the most important thing is that at that moment they realized they were a new type of people. They realized that they are different from other people in their thoughts, behavior, worldview, desires and intentions. The moment came when they felt that they were a real power.

Bill: I assume that this process is about to begin here on Earth. Alright, go on...

Migina: Then they decided that they should change the world for the better. They wanted to build a new, superior world. Thanks to their unique abilities, they quickly took the situation on the planet into their hands.

Bill: And who controlled the planet before that?

Migina: Everything was just the same as here now. Money and a thirst for power ruled the world. And whoever had more money, had the power. As a result, life on the planet was built on lies, blood, and injustice. Life of this sort was disgusting to these new people, and they began to act.



Bill: But did those who had all the power give it up so easily?

Migina: Of course not. Those were difficult times. But they caught on too late. They did not have enough time to counter the suddenly emerging threat to their hegemony. Homo Intellexit began to quickly build a new society with a new economy, a new worldview and new people.

Bill: And what happened in the end?

Migina: Those used to unlimited power simply couldn't give up this drug. They began to look for a way out of the situation. And the only way out was to fly away from the planet.

Bill: What do you mean?

Migina: At that point, Homo Intellexit made up no more than 10 percent of the planet's population. The rest were Sapiens. Many didn’t understand and didn’t support what the Intellexit were offering. They were used to living differently and were extremely suspicious of all innovations.

Bill: I bet that who had power and money actively encouraged this. They were completely satisfied with the society's old ways and they did not want changes. That’s why they were trying to convince people that all new things were bad.


Migina: Of course. But they understood that they couldn’t hold their ground before the Intellexit. And so they decided to fly to another planet and build their world there. The world of Homo Sapiens in all its glory. But they needed people. Or, should I say, slaves. That's why they came up with and introduced the idea of the Great Resettlement to the society. The essence of this idea was to solve the overpopulation problem that the planet was facing by moving some people to another planet that's suitable for life. At that point, our space technologies were slightly more advanced than yours today, and it really was feasible to implement this plan.

Bill: And what did the Intellexit think about that?

Migina: They realized that this was not being done to save the planet from overpopulation, but solely for selfish purposes. But the Intellexit also didn’t know what to do with several billion hungry Sapiens. The planet was on the verge of an environmental disaster, so the Intellexit supported this idea and helped to implement the resettlement plan.

Bill: As I understand it, the Earth was the most suitable planet for life.


Migina: Yes, that's right. They decided to relocate some of the people to Earth. Resettlement was voluntary. Anyone could leave the planet. It took several decades, and the settlers began to explore the Earth. At first, we maintained contact with Earth. But at some point, the connection was lost. As it turned out later, there was a global conflict on Earth between several settler groups.

Bill: I am convinced that this conflict was not accidental. It was organized by the same groups of people who didn't want to lose their power on your planet. Maybe they provoked it so that people would forget about where they came from and what happened on their home planet in the past.

Migina: Yes, immediately after moving to Earth, they organized a secret world government. Their primary task was to get rid of the influence of the Intellexit.  As usual, they began to weave their web of conspiracy, deceit and murder on Earth. Something didn’t go according to plan, or, perhaps, on the contrary, it did go according to plan, and there was a global armed conflict that destroyed many people and threw the settlers' civilization back into the Middle Ages. It was then that we almost completely lost contact with them.


Bill: Almost completely or completely?

Migina: The Intellexit were well aware of the danger that came from the Sapiens flying to Earth. So, they established the secret Brotherhood of Observers. Their task was to monitor the actions of the world government on Earth and to warn the Intellexit in case of danger. There was another task. Can you guess what that was?

Bill: I don’t know, nothing comes to mind.

Migina: As I said, human evolution cannot be stopped. They knew that the Intellexit would still appear on Earth, in the society of the Sapiens. And sooner or later there will be so many of them that whatever happened on our planet, would happen here. The brotherhood was supposed to assist the Intellexit on Earth and to help them realize their strength and their destiny one day.

Bill: But now the world government was aware of the danger that comes from the Intellexit.


Migina: Of course. And so they did everything to prevent their appearance on Earth. First of all, they hid the true history of mankind from the people. And secondly, they did not make the same mistakes that their ancestors made in the fight against the Intellexit. For example, they came up with democracy.  It allows the world government to create an illusion that the power belongs to the people, that they decide and determine the direction of development of human society. But in reality, people have no say in anything. People only decide which brand of yogurt they’ll drink at breakfast.

Bill: (grinning) I'm afraid, Migina, they have already taken this option away as well.

Migina: But in spite of all the world government’s efforts to suppress the evolution of the Sapiens into the Intellexit, nature can't be fooled. The number of Intellexit living on Earth today is approaching a critical value. They are about to identify themselves and take control of the situation on Earth. And then the world government and all those who support their regime will have nowhere to fly to.

Bill: Right. But what happened to the Brotherhood?


Migina: The world government has long been aware of the existence of the Brotherhood. But they have not been successful in revealing its members. And here is where you come in, Bill. A scientist who is developing a miracle virus that can easily destroy the entire human civilization on Earth. You become a key figure on the planet. The people in the world government realized that the Brotherhood would do anything to find and stop you at all costs. Therefore, they didn’t start hunting you down, but began to track whoever else was looking for you. That's how they found Sam and other members of the Brotherhood. After exposing the Brotherhood, they set out to get you. They need your virus like air. By using it, they can establish total control over every person on Earth.

Bill: Hmm ... (Bill sighed) What about you? Who are you?

Migina: I am the Brotherhood Coordinator. I process all the information that the Brotherhood sends me from Earth, coordinate their work, and discuss these issues with people on my planet. But sometimes I have to act directly. Like now, for instance. The brotherhood is in trouble, planet Earth is in danger and that's why I am here.



Bill: It’s strange that you were the only one sent over here. By no means do I want to offend you, but the situation is critical. I saw how easily you got rid of those cops, and it’s certainly very impressive. But don't you think that the forces are unequal? The world government has unlimited power and huge resources on Earth.

Migina: It does not matter. My strength is not in how good I am in hand-to-hand combat.

Bill: I wish I had your confidence ... Alright. Suppose I believe you, believe everything that you just told me. What's your plan? What will we do?

Migina: We have to get to the USA, to Los Angeles. There is someone we need to meet over there.

Bill: Who is that?

Migina: The world government is a multi-layered, multi-level hierarchical structure. The Council of Thirteen is on the very top of this whole structure. These are the 13 people who make decisions on the most important issues and determine the future of mankind. These are the most influential people on the planet. They decide when wars start and economic crises happen. The person we need to meet is one of these thirteen.


Bill: And why do we need to have this meeting? To discuss the terms of their surrender?

Migina:  The bottom line is, Bill, that there is a split in world government. At all levels. Including the Council of Thirteen. The world government is now experiencing a systemic crisis. Their old methods of controlling human society no longer work. But no new methods have been invented yet. Ecological disaster, overpopulation of the planet, economic and political crisis, food crisis, depletion of planetary resources – all these factors reinforce each other and are leading to a global catastrophe.

Bill: Why should they be afraid of this disaster? Ordinary people will die, as usual. And they’ll be safe.

Migina: Not really. First of all, even with an optimistic forecast, certain events are about to occur, and as the world plunges into chaos, the world government will lose control of society anyway. And secondly, if things play out according to a pessimistic scenario, life on Earth as we know it may disappear.  And there are people in the world government who understand all of this. They realize that changes need to be made.


Bill:  It's strange that there are people on the council who are interested in something other than power, money and fame.

Migina: It's not that simple, Bill. Evolution has not spared even the most inveterate Sapiens from the world government. The Intellexit have begun to appear among them, too. And this is the key point in this situation.

Bill: The Intellexit in the world government?

Migina: Yes, and not just one. A lot of them.

Bill: OK, we need to go to Los Angeles. How do we cross the border? Not only the CIA, but the Mexican police, too, are looking for me now.

Migina: Do you have any ideas on how to get to the USA?

Bill: The situation on the Mexican border is extremely tense right now. Due to the influx of immigrants to the United States, border protection has been intensified.  It’s extremely difficult to slip by unnoticed. But I think it’s better to try to cross the border in wild, sparsely populated places and avoid large checkpoints and cities. For example, we can cross the river. I've heard that it's what many Mexicans do — they cross the Rio Grande River in Texas. I think it's a reasonable option... unless of course you want to kill a small army of border guards in close combat. It would also be nice to find some kind of transportation.


Migina did not answer, only began to slide her finger over the tabletop musingly. The waitress brought them food and lemonade. When they were done with lunch and Migina was already finishing up her lemonade, she saw through the window that an old pickup truck drove up to the gas station.

Migina: We need to go with this man.

Bill started looking around, tying to figure out what Migina meant, then she nodded her head towards the window. On the street, an elderly Native American with a long braid was filling up his truck.

Bill: Hmm, pretty risky. We look rather suspicious. We don’t look like tourists; we don't have either suitcases or backpacks. He can turn us in as soon as he sees a police officer, and he will be right. If he agrees to give us a ride in the first place.

Migina: Wait for me here, Bill.

Migina got up from the table and headed for the exit. Bill shrugged and started watching Migina negotiate with the truck driver.


Migina: Hello. My friend and I are heading north. Our car broke down. Could you give us a ride? Not for free, of course.

An elderly man carefully looked Migina over from head to toe.

Enapay: My name is Enapay.

Migina: And I'm Migina, very nice to meet you. My friend’s name is Bill, he’s over there in the coffee shop.

Enapay looked at the window behind which Bill was sitting.

Enapay: Where are you going?

Migina: Well, we actually need to go to Los Angeles.

Enapay looked at Migina closely.

Enapay: Ok, let's go. You can throw your things into the back of the truck.

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